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    Listings in this directory are paid classifieds, and the breeders are not endorsed by the Vizsla Cub of America.
     All advertisers have been a VCA member for at least two years as of December 31 of the previous year. As a member of the VCA, the advertiser agrees to abide by the Code of Ethics adopted by the Vizsla Club of America.
     Dogs and kennels advertised in the Breeders Directory or elsewhere do not constitute an endorsement by the Vizsla Club of America. Persons using this directory must decide for themselves which dog breeder is most suitable for their purpose.
     The Vizsla Club of America will have no responsibility or liability for any claim arising in connection with any alleged or actual violation of the VCA’s Code of Ethics by advertisers in any VCA print or electronic publication or by other members of the VCA.
     Though the VCA may publish registration numbers, ratings, listings, gradings or other identifying information provided by various other organizations, the VCA takes no responsibility for either their accuracy or the method from which they were derived.
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