An Active, Versatile Hunting Dog

A distinctively different canine, the Vizsla is a superior family dog, a true hunting companion, and a good fit for an active lifestyle. Vizslas distinguish themselves as much more than dogs and must be treated as such by every owner.

Photo: Marc Piscotty
Versatile Breed

Vizslas and their owners can take part in a variety of activities that complement the dog’s high energy and hunting dog characteristics. Whether in the field, in the show ring, or on hiking trails, the Vizsla displays all the attributes of a versatile breed.

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Versatility Certificate Program
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National Specialty & Companion Event

Once a year, fanciers of the breed come together to compete in Conformation, Agility, Obedience, Rally, and Scenting events.

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Photo: Kevin Billy
National Field Trial Event

The NFT is an annual event where owners ride on horseback and compete with their dogs in a field trial that exhibits the dog’s innate ability to locate game and demonstrate endurance.

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National Gun Dog Championship

This annual event displays the dog’s keen hunting abilities while demonstrating the breed’s true heritage of a “walking gentleman’s hunting dog” with handlers competing on foot.

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