A Few of my Favorite Things — Fall ’22

Favorite Things is a feature from The Vizsla News.

Vizslas have owned me for well over twenty years, and by now it’s more of a lifestyle. Over this
time, I’ve tried a lot of products, and some are here to stay. We’re introducing a feature, A Few
of My Favorite Things, where I’ll share in each issue a few staples in my life with dogs. I hope
you enjoy it and will maybe pick up a new item you absolutely love.

People On Horses – Leather Dog Leash – Medium to Large, $90

These are an all-time favorite of mine. I think I purchased my first one when Eukanuba was in
Long Beach. That’s how long ago, and I still have the same leash. They’re well made with bridle
leather and become so soft over time. Once I left it at a potty stop in South Dakota, and we
traveled back to retrieve the leash.

Animals Matter – Ali Jewel® Ortho Puff™ Companion-Pedic® Luxury Dog Bed – Medium, $304.99


Some may shutter at the price, but I can’t adequately convey the quality of this bed. I currently
have four in my bathroom, and I’ve had them for over ten years. The covers zip off, I wash them
regularly, and they hold up. My 50-pound male snuggles up in a medium. Vizslas seem to love
the donut style. Sisu sometimes leaves my office to go snuggle up in another one down the hall.

Dogs Unlimited – Custom FieldKing Field Trial Collars – $28.90 with stainless steel nameplate

Originally ordered for hunting, these 2” wide blasts of color really help you keep an eye on your
dog at a distance. I like the buckle style and variety of colors over the elastic double-sided
collars we see at field trials and hunt tests. Even better, these collars are not leather, so they
are perfect at the beach in the off-season. There’s a small additional fee to add a stainless steel
nameplate, which eliminates the worry about dangling tags being ripped during work or play.
Yes, I have one in every color.

Clean Run – Perfect Fit Modular Fleece-Lined Harness – 3 Parts, $54.48

Part 1 – Girth Strap – 20 mm – L
Part 2 – Front Piece – 20 mm – M
Part 3 – Top Piece – 20 mm – L

I love the freedom-of-shoulder movement this harness provides. The three pieces make it super
adjustable in size. I use the same size on both Sisu (my 35 lb. female) and Sloan (my 50 lb.
male shown in the photo) I use it for tracking and scent work. A common theme for me is that it
washes well. One trip through the laundry and it looks brand new. These dog games get you

J&J Dog Supplies – Remote Treat Dispenser – $49.99


This remote treat dispenser is a great tool for practicing everything from training wraps to
independent weave poles in agility or go-outs in obedience. The compact size makes it easy to
move and not as visible when working to perfect your team skill set.

Bark Box – The monthly plan costs $ 35.00 or 6 months for $ 26.00/month or 12 months for $ 23.00/month

A subscription will get a Bark Box delivered directly to your door every month. Each box is themed and includes two toys, two all-natural treats bags, and a chew. This is one of my dogs’ favorite things. They know exactly what a Bark Box looks like, and each month they can’t wait to get at the toys. I use the treats of the month in class over the subsequent weeks. It breaks things up so the reward isn’t always the same.

By Jamie Walton

Jamie lives in Claremont, CA, with her husband Chuck and pack of reds: Chance, Skedaddle, Sloan, and Sisu. She is an avid competitor in almost all venues and a former VCA Officer.