A Few Of My Favorite Things – Winter ’22

Favorite Things is a feature from The Vizsla News.

Vizslas have owned me for well over twenty years, and by now it’s more of a lifestyle. Over this
time, I’ve tried a lot of products, and some are here to stay. We’re introducing a feature, A Few
of My Favorite Things, where I’ll share in each issue a few staples in my life with dogs. I hope
you enjoy it and will maybe pick up a new item you absolutely love.


You can’t just have one. I have one for each discipline, be it field, tracking or agility. We all need a place for all of our tools. The big open portion can fit long leads, harnesses, flash collars and your vest. The side zip is fairly large and works for a small first aid kit for blown pads or storage for your whistle, ear plugs, shooting glasses or articles. This bag is designed to take abuse and they hold up well.

PLAY Outdoor Dog Tent – $125

For those who need to travel light, this is a must-have. This tent is super easy to pop up and take down. It fits into a small bag that can be swung over your shoulder for a light option, and it’s great for lugging all your stuff into a show site. It also packs easily into a suitcase. Dogs must be trained to not destroy a soft-sided kennel. It’s made of durable fabric, but you will need to exercise some common sense. The tent feels large inside and easily holds two to three Vizslas. The size is 53.1”L x 53.1”W x 37”H, and it comes in a new variety of colors.



Even in California, our dogs catch a chill if they aren’t out playing games. I’ve tried a lot of dog coats in my years, and these are the absolute best. They’re tailored to allow free movement, and the chest panel and attachment keep it from slipping from one side to the other. They come in a variety of colors and machine wash up beautifully. Most of my dogs wear a L & L: XS 24” My little girl wears a Standard 18.



These chairs have become very popular at outdoor dog trials. They also double as a good camp or tailgate chair. They have a built-in sun canopy that folds into a backpack for easy hands-free transport. They come in a variety of colors and store up in a nice clean package.

Palomine Lines – $20

These BioThane® leads are great for tracking, field, and scent work. The BioThane-coated webbing remains free of stickers and thorns, they’re light weight, and clean-up easily. Palomine will custom-make your lines, the line size, length, color, and distance markers, according to your specifications.

For scent work, I use a 10’ line x 3/8” wide.
For tracking, I use a 20’ line x 1⁄2” wide with a 10’ marker.

Dog Food Delivery


This just makes life so easy. I have autoship set up, and the food arrives on schedule, and I’m never having to run out to the store to pick up a bag when I let it get too low. If they don’t carry the brand you want, inquire. They can likely source it for you at a competitive price. It takes one thing off your plate that you don’t have to remember to do. It’s so worth it.

By Jamie Walton

Jamie lives in Claremont, CA, with her husband Chuck and pack of reds: Chance, Skedaddle, Sloan, and Sisu. She is an avid competitor in almost all venues and a former VCA Officer.