View or Download the VCA Illustrated Vizsla Standard PDF

This illustrated standard is the first publishing by the Vizsla Club of America. The Vizsla originated in Hungary with records of the breed dating back to 1357. The Vizsla received American Kennel Club recognition in 1960. Our  committee’s challenge was to take more than 50 years of opinions and apply them to the written standard for our breed. This illustrated standard should be viewed as the ideal image of the written word. While breeders may prefer slight style variations, they should strive to produce a Vizsla that represents the closest possible example of the written standard.

VCA Illustrated Vizsla Standard

Vizsla Illustrated Standard Abridged Reference

The following PDF is a two-page reference PDF usable as a quick reference.

The Vizsla - Abridged Reference for Illustrated Standard