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April 2020

Updated information on 2020 NSCE

March 2020

Due to COVID-19, the NGD Championship has been Cancelled

Due to COVID-19 The NSCE have been delayed. New dates will be announced.

February 2020

2020 NSCE reservations and Store are open

NGDC Store open

January 2020

Premium and reservations for NGDC are posted

December 2019

NFT Results

RV Reservations for 2020 NSCE

September 2019

New ROM Schedule

August 2019

Hotel information for 2020 NSCE

July 2019

Premium posted for 2019 NFT

June 2019

Check 2019 NFT New Information

April 2019

NSCE 2019 Judging Program

March 2019

2019 NFT Information

NSCE Newest Information

NGDC Newest Information

February 2019

2019 HOF Nominations Open

January 2019

2019 NGDC Information

National Specialty Premium

Sponsor a Trophy

**New** VCA WF Vizsla Population Survey 2019 is live!

Ask the FAC

2019 National Specialty Agility Premium posted

November 2018

2018 VCA NFT Results

September 2018

Results for the 2018 NFT

August 2018

Newest information on the 2018 National Field Trial

July 2018

Check out the Package Deals for the 2019 Nationals Specialty Events

June 2018

Update on 2019 VCANE Lodging

Illustrated Standard pdf Files

May 2018

2018 Nationals Results

Update on 2019 Lodging options

March 2018

Updated information on the 2019 Nationals

February 2018

Take a look at the Hall of Fame Nominations

Keep up with the information for the 2018 Nationals

Check out the information for the 2018 NGDC

December 2017

Chairs and Schedule of Events for 2018 NCSE

Results of 2017 NFT

November 2017

First details on 2019 Nationals

October 2017

NFT Run Order

August 2017

Check out the wonderful raffles being offered by the 2017 NFT People. Something for everyone.


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Results from the 2011 VCA General Election

(435 ballots counted)


  • President - Linda Kelly
  • Vice President - Randy Boggs (one year term)
  • Corresponding Secretary - Mary Durham
  • AKC Delegate - Lynn Worth-Smith

Board of Directors

  • Trish Burdin
  • Melissa Green
  • Mel Reveles
  • Mark Smith
  • Jamie Walton

2012 VCA Nominating Committee

  • Jill Brennan
  • Rhoda Ezell
  • Melissa Thomas
  • (Alternates:  Tania Campbell, Dianne Kramlich, Warren Eisman)

Bylaw Revisions - All passed.

Article II.  Allow the inclusion of the word..."email".

Article II.  The Annual meeting of the Club shall be held in conjunction with "one of the Club's Annual Events at a time, place,date, and hour designated by the Board"

Article III. Section 5.  Vacancies.  "Any vacancy occurring on the Board or among the Officers shall be filled for the unexpired term of office"

Article III.Section 5.  Vacancies.  "Vacancy in the office of President shall be automatically filled by the Vice President"

Article III. Section 6.  Term Limits -  "Five consecutive terms"

Article III. Section 6.  Term Limits -  A person having served (term limit) will be ineligible for re-election to the Board of Directors for a period of.."two years".

Article IV.Section 4.  Nominations -  The Secretary, on or before..."March 15th" (date change) will send a list of candidates....

Article VI. Section 2.  Charges.  Written charges filed....with a deposit of "$50  (amount increased)

VCA Code of Ethics Revision-Approved

"Honestly evaluate the quality of the Vizsla sold, fairly represent that evaluation and urge puppy purchasers not to breed dogs which, for any reason should not be used for breeding"

2011 VCA Hall of Fame Winner

DC/AFC Behi Red Chief, JH,ROM