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VCA Officers and Directors, 2020-2021

If you have a question or concern, please contact us via email at Ask the Board of Directors.

Name email term city + state
Melissa Lembke President melissa_lembke[at]yahoo.com [2021] Madison Lake MN
Ashley Uffman Vice-President ashleyuffman[at]gmail.com [2020] Fort Worth TX
Susan Barrow Treasurer Susan6380[at]gmail.com [2022] Hereford AZ
Kym Fisher Recording Secretary kymfisher[at]comcast.net [2020] New Hope MN
Jamie Walton Corresponding Secretary jamie[at]professionaldesign.org [2021] Claremont CA
AKC Delegate
Elise Wright vca.delegate[at]gmail.com [2021] Lambertville NJ
Amy Ball amyball[at]4k9club.com [2021] Brooksville KY
Rich Black sassafrasvizslas[at]gmail.com [2021] Cummings GA
Cathy Gallagher siennapointe[at]dls.net [2021] Algonquin IL
Nancy Guarascio nguarasc[at]comcast.net [2020] Oakley CA
Patricia Hart pjhartdesign[at]gmail.com [2020] Alachua FL
Paul Hermes phermes1[at]gmail.com [2021] Myakka City FL
Darcy Duval Hodges darcysduval[at]gmail.com [2020] Brooks GA
Rachel Romano Kelly rachelgeordie[at]yahoo.com [2021] Dunkirk MD
Ginger Sammonds gingersammonds[at]gmail.com [2020] Loveland CO