Get the Look – Winter ’22

A feature from the October – December 2022 issue of The Vizsla News. We are heading into winter here in Colorado, so I’ve been pulling out the winter gear me and my girl gang keep on rotation. Over the years I have figured out what keeps my Vs warm without restricting them from going all out. Finding warm clothes for […] Continue Reading

Skeletal Dysplasia 3

Disproportionate Dwarfism in Vizslas This article by guest contributor, Emily Ansel, DVM, first appeared in the January – March 2023 issue of The Vizsla News. Breeders have an almost unending list of considerations when breeding a litter, not the least of which is knowing, or trying to figure out, what potential health issues might be lurking in a dog’s pedigree. […] Continue Reading

A Few of my Favorite Things — Fall ’22

Favorite Things is a feature from The Vizsla News. Vizslas have owned me for well over twenty years, and by now it’s more of a lifestyle. Over thistime, I’ve tried a lot of products, and some are here to stay. We’re introducing a feature, A Fewof My Favorite Things, where I’ll share in each issue a few staples in my […] Continue Reading

Get the Look – Fall ’22

A feature from the July – September issue of The Vizsla News. The temperatures are finally falling and as I feel the first whisper of a cool breeze in the air, my mind immediately jumps to all things fall. For me, that’s pumpkin everything, cozy sweaters, and trading in my hiking weekends for bird dog training. In our first ever […] Continue Reading

Introducing the VCA Blog!

One of the things I wanted to tackle after my Recording Secretary stint was the VCA’s voice on social media. While our education seminars and Vizsla News are full of good information, there was a lack public education. We would receive questions as simple as ‘where to find a breeder’ and had no “official” links to send over. Luckily, we […] Continue Reading