Vizsla Hunt Test
Credit: Shelly Jernigan

AKC Hunting Tests for Pointing Breeds are events where both the training and hunting ability of potential or polished gun dogs are evaluated against a written standard.

It’s strictly a pass/fail event where handler and dog are not competing with any other entrant but themselves.

There are three levels that are divided by training and ability. Unlike field trials that recognize only one winner, every dog who meets the written requirements shall receive a passing score. Since dogs and handlers are not competing against each other, hunt tests are typically a more-relaxed and family-friendly experience. The level in which the dog is tested depends on the level of training. There is no maximum age requirement, but all entrants must be over six-months of age.

Dogs are scored in hunting, bird-finding, pointing, and trainability in Junior Hunter. Senior and Master dogs are scored in retrieving and honoring. Dogs who receive enough passing scores in a particular level will earn the title of Junior Hunter (JH), Senior Hunter (SH), or Master Hunter (MH).

Complete Hunt Test regulations can be found on the AKC website.