Credit: Pet Paws Record

If your dog has a nose, he can track.

Tracking and the new Scent Work events go to the essence of a dog. Tracking uses the dog’s natural instincts to follow a trail left by a person (or animal). Unlike Agility or Obedience where the handler gives instructions that the dog is expected to follow, Tracking puts the dog in charge. Working with a tracking dog requires a true partnership, where the human must trust the dog.

There are five Tracking titles possible for dog-and-handler teams: Tracking Dog (TD), Tracking Dog Urban (TDU), Tracking Dog Excellent (TDX), Variable Surface Tracking (VST), and Champion Tracker (CT).

While it’s easier to learn by getting involved with a group of people who love Tracking, anyone can learn it from books.

Some venues that offer Tracking competitions (trials):