Viz Whizz Live Life Off-Leash

Viz Whizz Dogs promotes responsible off-leash dog ownership and education for high-energy dogs.

Come join us on a “Viz Whizz,” an organized off-leash meet-up held most weekends in 38 states across the US. It’s a great way to make new friends, not only for you but also for your dog and the entire family, and it’s free to join. If you’re new to high-energy dogs or thinking about owning a Vizsla, we encourage you to join us and meet the breed, talk to knowledgeable dog owners, and experience Vizsla energy firsthand. Dogs need to be around six months old before joining a Viz Whizz. We organize puppy meet-ups as a “pack of dogs” that helps socialize younger dogs from four to six months old.

Viz Whizz promotes breed education and hosts educational webinars for members to learn more and hear firsthand from internationally recognized breeding, training, veterinary, nutritional, and other experts. But Viz Whizz is also about letting our dogs run free in a safe environment. We look forward to meeting you on the trails!

A tired fast dog is a happy fast dog! Live Life Off Leash.

Viz Whizz - live life off-leash