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Hall Of Fame

Electronic Submissions can be sent to: sarahebarr1@gmail.com via email (20 mg size limit) Dropbox or WeTransfer (2 gig limit). For help in submitting electronically, please contact Sarah Barr (502)-553-7789

The Vizsla Club of America holds in highest esteem Vizslas, who, by virtue of their own outstanding achievements, and/or those of their get, reflect the essence of the breed's character and purpose. These dogs epitomize the Vizsla as that of a Sporting Breed. During their lifetimes, they have achieved national recognition, have left an everlasting impression upon the breed, have excelled in show, field, or have been recognized for uniquely exceptional accomplishments or firsts for the breed. The Vizsla Club of America has established a HALL OF FAME to honor the memories of these dogs, forevermore.

In order for a Vizsla to be eligible for nomination for inclusion on the ballot for Hall Of Fame, the following criteria must be met:

  1. Been deceased for at least two years prior to nomination
  2. Been registered with the American Kennel Club
  3. Substantially contributed to the breed in more than one venue, (such as field, conformation, agility, obedience, rally) individually or through their get
  4. Left an everlasting impression on the breed

In addition:

  1. Nominations are accepted throughout the year, but must be received by December 31st of each year to be placed on the current year's ballot to be voted on by the membership.
  2. Clubs may submit a dog's name, however, an individual member of the VCA must make the nomination in the name of that club.
  3. A Hall of Fame Ballot must have a minimum of 1 dog and a maximum of 5 dogs on the ballot for submission to the VCA membership for consideration. In order to be inducted to the VCA Hall of Fame a dog must receive 50% plus one vote of all ballots submitted by the membership. For clarification: If 550 ballots are returned a dog must receive 276 votes in order to be inducted into the VCA Hall of Fame.
  4. VCA voters can vote for as many dogs listed on the ballot as they choose. Members should vote based on each dog’s merits.
  5. If after the membership vote there is no obvious inductee, the HOF Committee has the ability to put forth a recommendation to the VCA Board of Directors that consideration should be given to induction of a dog(s), which would require the Vote of the VCA Board of Directors.
  6. If there are more than 5 dogs nominated in a year, the first 5 postage dated completed applications are placed on the ballot, the balance are held over until the next year, in which there is a minimum of three dogs nominated.
  7. If a dog has been on the VCA Hall of Fame ballot for two consecutive years and not received enough votes to be inducted to the VCA Hall of Fame the dog must take a hiatus for one voting cycle prior to be submitted for nomination again.
  8. You may vote for as many of the nominees as you wish. Any dog receiving 50% plus one of all ballots returned will be inducted into the HOF.
  9. Statistical information may be submitted by word document, however, the application must be signed and dated at the declaration on the last page, and all the supportive documentation and check must accompany the application via postage mail. Copies of certificates, AKC awards reports, and AKC progeny reports work well. Please add lines as needed to the form (table) on the next two pages.

Nomination form

Please mail hard copy nominations to:
Sarah Barr
1514 Ocala Rd
Louisville KY 40222

Electronic Submissions can be sent to: Sarah@derbyvizslas.com via email (20 mg size limit) Dropbox or WeTransfer (2 gig limit). For help in submitting electronically, please contact Sarah Barr.

Winners with images where provided

For more information and answers to questions contact Sarah Barr.

Hall of Fame Committee:
Chair: Sarah Barr

Andrew Campbell
Gail Contreras
Rhonda Johnson
Debbie Sullivan

Year Inductees
1978 DC Futaki Darocz

FC AFC Jodi of Czuki Barat
1979 DC Behi's Csinos Csiny CD

DC Weedy Creek Lobo
1980 CH Csinos V Hunt CDX

FC Weedy Creek Dutchess
1981 AM CAN FC Ripp Barat

DC AFC CAN MEX CH Sir Lancelot
1982 DC AFC Brook's Amber Mist

DC Szekeres' Kis Szereto
1983 CH Nikki's Arco

DC Rebel Rouser Duke
1984 Broc Olca

Haans V Selle
1985 DC AFC Amber's Windy Autumn

DC AFC Rothan's Rozsda Kisanya CD
1986 CH Glen Cottage Loki Barat, CDX ROM

Rebel Rouser Bandieto
1987 AM CAN MEX CH Johnson's Titian Charger

CH Miklos Schloss Loosdorf
1988 77 & 78 NFC FC AFC Randy Duke
1993 78 & 79 NAFC NFC AFC DC Brook's Willie Whompum

TC Cariad's Kutya Kai Costa UD VC
1994 BISS CH Rotkopf's Super Charger CD JH VC

AM CAN CH Valhi's Stick to Your Guns CD VC
1995 CH Firebrand's Constant Comment ROM

AM CAN CH Taunee's Cariann
1996 CH Sandor Barat ROM

CH Harann's Tulipann ROM
1997 79 & 81 NFC NAFC AFC DC Mehagian's Peppy Paloma

DC AFC FK's Rivendell Reaghan CDX MH VC

DC Rebel Rouser ET
1999 86 & 89 NAFC DC AFC Golden Empire's Doctor T MH

CH Penlee's Cutter UD ROM
2000 AM CAN CH Joshua Melto CD

CH Oakleaf's Whistlin' Dixie CD SH VC ROM
2001 CH Sandyacre Poquito Chile Bean UDX MH MX CGC VC ROM

CH Russet Leather Indian Giver ROM
2002 CH AFC Hodag's Kirby CD MH VC ROM

BISS CH Oakleaf's Dandy Dalton SH ROM
2003 7X BIS BISS CH Taunee's Loki Santana CD ROM

2X BIS BISS CH Lyons Skipjack of Harann ROM
2004 CH Dorratz Double Trouble UD MH NA VC CGC TDI ROM

2X BIS 6x BISS CH Boelte's Brant of Penlee ROM
2005 NFC DC AFC Hodag's Hunter UDX2 MH NA NAJ VC ROM

4x BISS CH Cariad's Classic Mariah ROM
2006 BISS DC AFC Riverbend Deacon's Dandy CD VC ROM

BIS BISS AM/CAN CH Dirigo's Gambler's Marker ROM
2007 CH FC AFC OTCH MACH Legacy's DeChartay UDX5 MH VC MX MXJ

2xNFC FC AFC Fieldway's Jack Daniels ROM
2008 No inductees
2009 No inductees
2010 BIS/BISS CH Debreceny Dezso, ROM

DC/INT CH Oakleaf's Everwhen Chances R, CDX MH NA VC ROM
2011 2011 DC/AFC Behi Red Chief, JH, ROM, HOF
2012 No Inductees
2013 3xBISS DC AFC Triad's Dry Martini CD MH VC ROM TDI CGC
2014 No Inductees
2015 No Inductees
2016 NGCH CH MACH2 Russet Leather Sacajawea III RE SH MXG MJC XF
2017 NFC FC AFC Magma's Samantha of Voros Tars HOF

Hall of Fame Winners with Call Names