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2008 Vizsla Standard Change

Ad Hoc Breed Standard Committee (created in 2001)
Chair: Sylvia Kerr
Julia Bonar, Patricia Folz, Nancy Keiser, Rita Mather, Carol Phelps & Kathy Rust

Proposed Changes to the Standard (2006) for VCA membership review (step 4 below) (PDF - 17kb)

The AKC permits parent clubs to alter or update their breed standards no more frequently than once every five years. The original AKC breed standard for the Vizsla was published in 1960. Revised versions were issued in 1983 and 1996. The process for modifying the Breed Standard follows VCA and AKC By-Laws. It requires the following:

  1. A motion by the Board of Directors to consider amendments to the Breed Standard.
  2. Approval of any proposed changes by the VCA Board of Directors.
  3. Approval by the Board of Directors of AKC. AKC requires pre-approval in order to avoid conflicts later.
  4. Publishing the proposed changes for the membership to review.
  5. A mail ballot of the general membership is the final step in the process.

Overview (revised Feb 08) (PDF - 17kb)

Comparison (Existing v. Revised) (PDF - 95kb)

Discussion (revised Feb 08) (PDF - 571kb)
The Committee reviewed the Standard in a section by section manner. Suggestions from the membership were considered under the appropriate section. The Committee's approach tried to emphasize what is correct in the Vizsla rather than to dwell on faults. When a Standard emphasizes faults, it tends to promote "fault judging", where the judge picks apart what is wrong with a dog rather than looking for the strengths of the dog. A general statement regarding faults has been included at the end of the revised Standard.

Sample Ballot (breakdown by section) (PDF - 1kb)

Breed Standard Vote Official Report (PDF - 1.26mb)
Questions and comments may be directed to the VCA Board of Directors or Breed Standard Committee members.