Wylie’s Story

Wylie’s Story originally appeared in the July – September issue of The Vizsla News. A SPECIAL NEEDS PUPPY On April 21, 2011 we had the litter from hell.  At least it was our litter from hell.  Whelping took from 6:30 am to 10:30 pm with only two puppies born.   We needed a trip to the vet for a possible C-section to get the remaining five […] Continue Reading

New Titles

Here are the new titles by year.

A Few of my Favorite Things — Fall ’22

Favorite Things is a feature from The Vizsla News. Vizslas have owned me for well over twenty years, and by now it’s more of a lifestyle. Over thistime, I’ve tried a lot of products, and some are here to stay. We’re introducing a feature, A Fewof My Favorite Things, where I’ll share in each issue a few staples in my […] Continue Reading