2023 Education Seminar


Seminar on Canine reproduction and whelping.

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2023-ed-seminar-caesar 2023 Education Seminar - Chicken Caesar Salad Chicken Caesar Salad $15.00
2023-ed-seminar-baconWrap 2023 Education Seminar - Chicken Bacon Wrap Chicken Bacon Wrap $15.00
2023-ed-seminar-italiano 2023 Education Seminar - Italiano Sandwich Italiano Sandwich $15.00
2023-ed-seminar-medit 2023 Education Seminar - Mediterranean Wrap Mediterranean Wrap $15.00
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Sponsored by the VCA and the VCA Welfare Foundation

Speaker:  Myra Savant-Harris, RN – Mrs. Savant-Harris is a dog breeder, Registered Nurse and author who has published several books.

Subject: Seminar on Canine reproduction and whelping.  Mrs. Savant-Harris will present a two part seminar:  The first is intended to help both the beginning breeder and more advanced breeders get their bitch into whelp, help her stay in whelp, and deliver healthy puppies; and a second part that discusses Puppy Intensive Care, explains how to set up a puppy intensive care unit, and offers information in support of sick puppies.  Mrs. Savant-Harris intends to be flexible and tailor the seminar to the level of most who plan to attend.

When: Sunday April 30, 2023, from approximately Noon to 2:30PM.   

More information about Mrs. Savant-Harris: Myra Savant-Harris has many years’ experiences working in labor, delivery and neonatal ICU. When she began breeding, she used and adapted much of this knowledge to her personal breeding program. Mrs. Savant-Harris brings her interest in genetic research, experience dog breeding, and a wealth of knowledge and techniques to her presentations in order to help you in your breeding program. She also is a highly informative, entertaining speaker. Whether you have whelped one litter or twenty, lost a puppy or an entire litter, Mrs. Savant-Harris embodies a great wealth of information and experience you can trust.

Lunch choices:

Lunches include salad, sandwich or warp, fresh whole fruit, bag of chips, sweet treat, and a variety of canned/bottled sodas, waters, juices and sparkling waters.

  • Chicken Bacon Wrap – breast meat and bacon bits with lettuce, tomatoes, shredded cheese and ranch dressing  
  • Italiano Sandwich – Italian meats loaded atop sour dough bread with provolone cheese, lettuce, banana peppers and olives with pesto spread
  • Chicken Caesar Salad – chopped romaine hearts, artichoke hearts, black olives, shredded Italian cheese, house baked croutons and creamy Caesar dressing 
  • Mediterranean Wrap – variety of seasonal crisp greens and hummus inside a spinach tortilla 

Note:  There will be food and coffee trucks onsite every day of the national events.