2023 Meet the Stud Dog


Please fill out the 2023 Stud Dog Form to give us your dog’s information. Use the same email you used to make this purchase.

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The Stud Dog Gala will be held in conjunction with the Welcome Party.

Purpose: This unique Gala is designed to provide an opportunity for stud dog owners to exhibit their breeding programs and dogs on a national level.  The Gala is a great place to get more information on the different programs and will allow breeders to see, discuss and visit with the dogs and their owners about the potential to incorporate their genetics in upcoming generations. 

Open to Champion Dogs over 24 months with a minimum of a passing OFA Hip or VCA verified Penn-HIP hip score. 

Format: The VCA will supply a table & chair for your area. You can use your imagination with what you want in your area (decorations, photo boards, extra handouts, the ideas are endless). You will be assigned a booth space and we will provide a map to people who want you to view the attending dogs.

Entry Requirements: Dogs, living or deceased, with a minimum passing OFA hip or Penn-HIP rating  supplied (Penn-hip report must be included).  A catalog will be published for all dogs entered and there will be a section for deceased dogs where frozen semen is available.  Dogs need not be present to be included in the Stud Dog Gala catalog.

Entry Fee: The entry fee is $25 per dog to participate in the Stud Dog Gala.  This fee includes entry into the Stud Dog Gala and a 2-page stud dog catalog advertisement, which includes a half-page picture and biography plus a 3-generation pedigree.

  • Participants will receive a PDF of the catalog.
  • Entering (purchasing this product), and submitting the biography, photo, pedigree via the Stud Dog Form must be done by the closing date – April 12, 2023.

Non-participants may request a free copy of the PDF document by email.

If the minimum is not reached by the deadline, this event will be canceled, and your entry will be refunded.