2023 RV Reservations


$200.00 Power Spots and $150.00 Non-Power Spots. The $200 spots come with power and are 40 ft. You may buy one or two spots. For the $150 spots, power likely will not be available. There is not a limit on the purchase of non-power spots.

Please fill out the 2023 RV Reservations form to give us the information about your RV(s). Use the same email you used to make this purchase.


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rvRes-2023 2023 RV Reservations - 50 ft Non-Power Spot 50 ft Non-Power Spot $150.00
rvRes-2023 2023 RV Reservations - 40 ft Power Spot 40 ft Power Spot $200.00
rvRes-2023 2023 RV Reservations - 45 ft Power Spot 45 ft Power Spot $200.00
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Power Spots Sold out

Payment does not guarantee a spot.  You will receive a confirmation email. You may buy one or two spots.

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  • RV Parking is available after noon, Wednesday, April 26, 2023.  The departure of your RV must be accomplished by the conclusion of the on-site VCA events Thursday, May 4, 2023. (See the note below for RV parking at the designated specialties.)
  • Purchase of your spot is for the whole week.  There is no option for a daily rate. Parking spots will be assigned.
  • For the spots with power, the majority of the power available is 20amp (think standard two-plug wall sockets).  There are a handful of 50amp connections.  All power is available on a first-come-first-served basis. Power is available at all spots sold at the $200 level, but extra extension cords up to 100 feet may be necessary for access in some spots. Please be prepared. No water or sewer.
  • For the spots with limited or no power, these spots may be on grass or gravel. If you need power, please plan to use your generator.
  • Tow vehicles, extra vehicles, equipment, and exercise pens must fit within your purchased space.  The spaces are 20’-wide by the length you purchase.  If all your stuff will not fit in your space, then an additional spot will need to be purchased.  Fire lanes need to be kept clear. Violators will not be tolerated.
  • There is not an RV dump onsite.
  • There is no access to showers for RV Campers.
  • The $200 spots will be on Asphalt with no access to grass for Xpens.  Please plan accordingly.  X-Pens and Canopies may need to be secured with weights as staking likely will not be an option.
  • There will be a community water hose to fill up your RV with fresh water, but it may require movement of your RV to refill your vehicle.
  • There are plans to schedule an RV pump out.  Currently, it appears to be in the $50 range but is not yet secured nor is NOT INCLUDED in the RV reservation purchase.  Sold Separately.
  • 40-foot and 50-foot spots will be pull-thru/back in.
  • A request to be placed in a group needs to be clearly specified with which person/people you desire to park.  Requests to park within a group will try to be accommodated, but not guaranteed.  The parking spaces are not all located within one area.
  • Most RV parking spots are within easy walking distance of the event center. The furthest spots are located no more than 1,100 feet from the event center. If you are located in the far area and have mobility issues that cause hardship, please plan to drive an extra vehicle up and park near the event center. Golf carts, bicycles, and scooters may be beneficial to have at your disposal.
  • Late Spring in Longview, WA can be rainy or beautiful weather. If the weather is clear, being on the grass/gravel areas may be very ideal. If it is rainy, being on asphalt may be ideal. Please be prepared for grounds that are beautiful with mowed grass or swampy from excessive rain.

Designated Specialty RV Parking – There will be RV parking available May 4 through May 7, 2023, at the Olympia Dog Fanciers Association, Inc, Grays Harbor County Fairgrounds, for the designated specialties, but it must be secured through ODFA.  More information will be available once the ODFA Premium list becomes available.

Any Additional Questions?  Contact Carla Slabaugh at