2023 Titleholder Parade


After you purchase this product, please fill out The Title holder parade form to tell us about your dog(s). Use the same email address you use to check out.

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The Parade of Titleholders is open to any Vizsla holding any AKC or VCA title. (The dog does not have to be entered in the regular classes to be in the Parade of Titleholders.) Each dog’s name and owner will be announced as it is presented. A separate Parade Section will be published in the show catalog, providing a permanent record of these dogs and their accomplishments. Therefore, all entrants are invited to submit a resume for their dogs along with their entries. See the parade form within this publication for further details. THE RESUME MUST NOT EXCEED 100 WORDS. Those exceeding that length will be edited. The breeder’s name, owner, sire and dam will be included in addition to the resume. There is no additional charge for this listing. Each entrant will receive a rosette with the entrant’s name printed on it.