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All Star Review

The All Star Review (ASR) is devoted to inspiring the preservation of the true working vizsla. We believe these dogs having demonstrated the essence of the Vizsla as that of a natural hunter of distinguished appearance and bearing . . . are truly "All Stars" of our breed.

Born from the desire to show that field dogs are not ugly nor are show dogs lacking in natural ability, this competition was designed to showcase that fact.

To be eligible for participation in the All Star Review, entrants must have earned their Show Championship in combination with either a Field Championship, Amateur Field Championship, Master Hunter title or a NAVHDA Utility Prize 1. Only one placement, the winner, is given. Each dog entered receives a striking black, white and red rosette engraved with its name, and the winner receives a beautiful trophy, a bottle of Champagne and a huge rosette.

We "borrowed" the idea of an All Star Review from a similar competition held by the German Wirehaired Pointer Club of America. The ASR color catalog contains a photo, a three generation pedigree and a personal bio of each dog entered, and we hope will prove to be an absolutely super source of knowledge for breeders for years to come.

All of the handlers and volunteers dress to the nines in evening attire, and they add just the right touch of class to this event honoring our breed's finest dogs.

2020 ASR Premium

A little about the judging:

It is a given that the dogs entered in the All Star Review conform to the AKC Standard for the Vizsla breed by virtue of their show championships, therefore the judges' scoring will place heavy emphasis on the specifics of the standard that refer to the Vizsla as a working dog.

The competition is judged by three judges whose identities are kept secret up to the start of the show. The judges are chosen from the ranks of Vizsla owners and breeders who have demonstrated and continue to demonstrate a commitment to the dual qualities of the Vizsla breed.

A portion of our profits is given to the VCA Welfare Foundation.

2017 Best in Review

"Enzo" NGDC DC AFC Boulder's N Fusion's Heart of a Stallion JH
Owners: Aaron Davis, Leah DiFalco, Brandon and Jennifer Blum, Judy Hetkowski
Breeders: Judy and Ed Hetkowski, Aaron Davie and Imelda Reveles.

2017 ASR Committee

Julia Bonar, Diane Fazio, Corinne Miklos and Kitty Pullen.

List of Past ASR Winners

Year Dog Owner(s) Bred By
DC AFC Bitteroot Semper Fi Cutter
Clinton and Valerie Sails Paul Jay Bernhart
2007 "Flynn"
DC Snow Ridge Gunfire Flynn JH
Steve and Roseanne Whitney Sue Boggs
2008 "Ruby"
DC Melto-n-Barktalk's Ruby Rose SH
Chauncey Smith, Lynn Worth Smith and Britt Jung Marcia Schlesinger
2009 "Stretch"
CH Barben's Strong Coffee MH
Karen Coffee Barbara & Ben Zahn and Karen Coffee
2010 "Suede"
CH Boulder's Power of Persuasion CD RE MH VC
Judy & Edj Hetkowski, Mel Reveles and Aaron Davis Judy & Edj Hetkowski
2011 NDCH Dual AFC JB's Asker Bout Birds Jody Beckley Linda Busch
2012 "Lewis"
GCH DC Annian's Great Explorer JH
Suzanne Towne Suzanne Towne
2013 "Quincy"
DC AFC Sansouci Vermillion Vizslas MH
Ed and Adele Neupert Linda Pruitt
2014 "Logan"
GCH Tamaron's Heart of Texas MH
Joy and Ray Rice Tami Westerbeck and Leon Westerbeck
2015 "Filé"
GCH DC AFC Zydeco's First You Make a Roux SH
Ashley and Chip Uffman Ashley and Chip Uffman
2016 "Sitka"
DC AFC Mackey's Trail Blazing Sitka
Jessica Mackey Jonathan Peck

List of Past ASR Veteran Winners

Year Dog Owner(s) Bred By
2015 “Ozzie”
GCH DC AFC Grousebend’s Dago Red MHA, ROM
Bill and Diane Fazio Diane Fazio & Laura Bauman
2016 “Dart”
BISS TC AFC Red Oak Totem from SnowRidge MH, ROM
Jan Wallace Sue Boggs
2017 "Tok"
GCH BISS Russet Leather's Wild Tok MH, ROM
Tad Walden, C Keller, J & E Hetkowski J Walton, B Wanjon and C Keller