National Gun Dog trial

The NGDC is a Vizsla-only walking trial with 1-hour braces.

A “walking” trial differs from a horseback trial in that the handler is on foot. The braces are run for an entire hour, and the dogs are required to retrieve. The NGDC event is held annually and includes an additional stake, Open Puppy, also on foot.

Trial Dates

The event shall be held annually in the spring of each year with the date approved by the VCA Board of Directors. The starting day will be determined by the host club/group and should not interfere with any other pre-scheduled national Vizsla field event or AKC corresponding week 17, the permanent date for VCA National Specialty & Companion events.


  1. National Gun Dog Championship
  2. Puppy Classic
  3. Open Derby (optional)

The National Gun Dog Committee has the option of offering an Open Derby stake. This stake will follow the guidelines listed under the National Field Championship and the Appendices for the Derby Classic. Should the National Gun Dog Committee decide to offer Open Derby, this stake must be reflected in the bid and budget presented to the Board. In the event that an Open Derby stake is added after the original bid and budget has been accepted by the Board, an amended bid and budge must be submitted to the FAC and upon review and recommendation, approved by the Board of Directors.

National Gun Dog Championship Stake

  1. Qualification- Open to any Vizsla six months of age or over that has met one of the following qualifications: Earned an AKC Field Champion or Amateur Field Champion title or ever placed first, second, third or fourth in an Open-All Age Stake, Amateur All-Age Stake, Open Limited All-Age Stake, Amateur Limited All-Age Stake, Open Gun Dog Stake, Amateur Gun Dog Stake, Open Limited Gun Dog Stake, or Amateur Limited Gun Dog Stake in which at least thirteen (13) dogs started in an AKC licensed or member field trial or has earned a Master Hunter title.
  2. Type of Stake – Single Series
    • One-hour (60 minutes) duration.
    • Walking stake
    • Retrieving on course in a designated shooting area or may shoot first bird on course. Retrieving in a designated shooting area shall be the preferred procedure. The location of retrieving shall be decided by the host Field Trial committee and shall be influenced by the grounds and the designated course. If a designated shooting area is used, it must be of appropriate size to safely accommodate two dogs, their handlers, the gunners, and the judges.
    • Shooting by designated gunners only.
    • Dogs will be judged in accordance with AKC field trial rules and procedures for pointing breeds requiring a retrieve and according to AKC pointing dog guidelines.
  3. Championship- If a Champion is declared, the title of NATIONAL GUN DOG CHAMPION of ___ (year) will be bestowed, and three additional placements may be given. Judges’ Awards of Merit may be awarded. If the judges determine no dogs measured up to championship caliber, a champion will not be declared and first place will be withheld. Placements for 2nd, 3rd and 4th may be given.

Puppy Classic

  1. Qualification- Open to any Vizsla over 6 months of age and less than 15 months of age.
  2. Type of Stake- 20-minute duration
  3. First through fourth place may be awarded as well as judges’ awards of merit.
  4. To be judged according to the Puppy Standard as published in the AKC Pointing Breed rule book. If a dog makes bird contact, a blank will NOT be fired. Bird contact is not required for a placement.

Open Derby (Optional)

  1. Qualification- Open to any Vizsla over 6 months of age and less than two years of age on the first advertised day of the trial that has ever won an amateur or open puppy stake or placed in an amateur or open derby stake.
  2. Type of Stake- One-Half hour (30 minute) duration
  3. First through fourth place may be awarded as well as judges’ awards of merit.
  4. To be judged according to the Derby Standard as published in the AKC Field Trial Rules and Standard Procedure for Pointing Breeds rule book.