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National Gun Dog Championship (NGDC)

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2012 National Gun Dog Championships

Marked Catalog

2012 NGDC Event Chair's Report

2012 NGDC Event Scribe Report

2012 NGDC Results:
1st place and 2012 VCA NGDC Champion DC/AFC JB's Asker Bout Birds ( Kinze)
    Owner/Handler: Joanne "Jody" Beckley
2nd place - FC/AFC Tommy 's Dixie Chick ( Dixie)
   Owner/ Handler: Steve Whitney
3rd place - NGDC NAFC DC/AFC Crimson's Twenty Gauge Ruger (Ruger)
   Owner/Handler: Mark Spurgeon
4th place- DC/AFC Bitteroot Semper Fi Cutter ( Cutter)
   Owners: Clint and Val Sails. Handler: Clint Sails
AOM: FC/AFC Burr Oak's Quarterback ( Rex)
   Owner: Jim Gingrich. Handler: Brian Gingrich
AOM: FC Shawnee's Red Lioness ( Sage)
   Owner: Joseph T. Fitzsimmons. Handler: Brian Gingrich
AOM: AFC Poppyhill's Martini With a Twist (Monte)
    Owner/ Handler: Janice Branham
AOM: FC/AFC Rushcreek's Semper Fi High Style ( Macy)
    Owners: Clint and Val Sails. Handler: Clint Sails

2012 NGDC Photo Gallery