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National Gun Dog Championship (NGDC)

Vizsla Club of America - NGDC 2018

The Vizsla Club of America 2018 National Gundog Championship

Sunday, March 18th, 2018 to conclusion
Union County Bird Dog Ranch Thayer, IA

2018 National Gun Dog Championships

2018 National Gun Dog Open Puppy and Championship Results

The Vizsla Club of America would like to congratulate everyone and thank the committee for hosting a successful event.

Open Puppy Results
Judges: B G Bryant & C L Findley
(10 Starters) (10 Vizs)

1st Place:Mythic's Gersemi Vizsla T Campbell (2 pts)
2nd Place:Hi-Flying Aero Vizsla V Barger
3rd Place:Midnight Run's Atomic Blonde Vizsla J Peck
4th Place:Peachykeen Vizsla J Busch

National Gun Dog Championship
Judges: C L Findley & J Chapman IV
(18 Starters) (18 Vizs)

1st Place: FC AFC Diamond C's Recon Vizsla C Corliss/S Corliss (4 pts)
2nd Place:FC Vk's Twenty Gauge Xr Vizsla R Van Kooten/S Van Kooten
3rd Place:FC AFC Crimson's Double Twenty Gauge Vizsla P Spurgeon/M Spurgeon
4th Place:NFC NGDC FC AFC Lundy's Red Bull Vizsla L Miller

Congratulations to all!