Finding a Credible VCA Breeder

Vizsla Catching Snowball
Credit: Marc Piscotty

The Vizsla Club of America provides the Breeder Referral List as a public service. The members listed below have volunteered to provide information about the breed, including the names of respected breeders who pledge adherence to the VCA Code of Ethics. The Breeder Referral List is not a VCA endorsement of any individual, breeding program, or entity the member may represent. Any views expressed by the volunteers named on the Breeder Referral List are their own and do not necessarily reflect the views of the VCA. If you have questions about this disclaimer, please send an email to Florence Duggan at

The following is a list of members who have agreed to talk with people who are new to the breed. If you have any questions, whether to find out if the breed is right for you or just to find some training tips for your energetic Vizsla, please feel free to contact an experienced owner from the list.

VCA Regional Club Breed Information and Referral Contacts

StateClub NameClub ContactContact's e-MailClub Website
ArizonaRio Salado Vizsla Club Marla
CaliforniaLone Cypress Vizsla Club of the Monterey Peninsula Penny
CaliforniaSouth Coast Vizsla Club Jim
CaliforniaVizsla Club of Southern CaliforniaDarlene
CaliforniaVizsla Club of Northern California Jeff
ColoradoVizsla Club of ColoradoTad
ColoradoRocky Mountain Vizsla ClubErica
ConnecticutConnecticut Valley Vizsla ClubSusan
DelawareConestoga Vizsla ClubYovonne
FloridaTampa Bay Vizsla ClubDanny
GeorgiaVizsla Club of Metro AtlantaTania
IllinoisVizsla Club of IllinoisEd
IowaHawkeye Vizsla ClubMike
IowaVizsla Club of Eastern IowaDarcy
KansasShow Me Vizsla Club (MO/KS)Lin

Meeting Information
LouisianaSouth Louisiana Vizsla ClubAshley
MassachusettsVizsla Club of Central New EnglandDaniel Zilka
MarylandConestoga Vizsla ClubYovonne
MichiganViszla Club of MichiganKeleigh Masserantthemasserants@hotmail.com
MinnesotaTwin Cities Vizsla ClubJill
MissouriGateway Vizsla ClubDebbie
MissouriShow Me Vizsla Club (MO/KS)Lin
NebraskaNebraska Vizsla ClubBrandi
New HampshireVizsla Club of Central New EnglandDaniel Zilka
New YorkVizsla Club of Greater New YorkFlorence
North CarolinaVizsla Club of the CarolinasJane
OhioMiami Valley Vizsla ClubPam
OhioVizsla Club of Greater ClevelandMargaret
OregonTrail's End Vizsla Club of OregonLaurel
PennsylvaniaKeystone Vizsla Club of PennsylvaniaAllyson
South CarolinaVizsla Club of the CarolinasKatie Titus
TennesseeVolunteer Vizsla Club of Tennessee Debbie
TexasTexas Gulf Coast Vizsla ClubMelinda
TexasTrinity Valley Vizsla ClubLinda
UtahVizsla Club of UtahBonita
VermontVizsla Club of Central New EnglandDaniel Zilka
VirginiaConestoga Vizsla ClubYovonne
VirginiaOld Dominion Vizsla ClubGrace Anne
WashingtonPuget Sound Vizsla ClubJanine
WisconsinCentral Wisconsin Vizsla ClubT. Jone
WisconsinVizsla Club of Greater Milwaukee Craig

Regional Vizsla Clubs by State

Regional Vizsla Clubs Map

Responsible Vizsla breeders will do the following:

  1. Adhere to the Vizsla Club of America (VCA) Code of Ethics.
  2. Test and ensure Vizsla breeding stock is cleared of hip dysplasia after two years of age before mating and received an OFA Certificate (with numbers) from the Orthopedic Foundation of Animals (OFA).
  3. Follow the breed-specific recommendations for health testing by the Canine Health Information Center (CHIC) for Vizslas. CHIC Certifications (with numbers) are issued to Vizslas tested for hip dysplasia (OFA), thyroid function, and eye health (CERF). Optional testing includes sebaceous adenitis, von Willebrand disease, congenital cardiac disease, and elbow dysplasia. These health records may also be found on the OFA website. Many breeders will also use the PennHIP evaluation to test for hip dysplasia. PennHIP results are included on the OFA website for each dog who has been tested.
  4. Strive to breed according to the AKC Breed Standard for the Vizsla, which was drafted and approved by the Vizsla Club of America.
  5. Know the pedigrees of their own dogs well and share them with prospective buyers along with the health and temperament records of each dog going back five generations.
  6. Search pedigrees to explain why a particular breeding can improve upon the dam’s and sire’s characteristics.
  7. Introduce prospective buyers to their new Vizsla family, and show them where a litter is being whelped and raised.
  8. Provide a written agreement for review prior to a sale.
  9. Provide AKC registration papers, a signed written agreement, and a veterinary health certificate upon a sale.
  10. Provide support to puppy buyers for the life of the dog.
Vizsla on Check Cord Standing
Credit: Marc Piscotty