Get the Look – Fall ’23

A feature from the July – September 2023 issue of The Vizsla News.

We’ve had a really weird summer in Colorado as it rained ALL through June. So much so, that I have barely had one ripe tomato in my garden as the season was totally delayed.
It got me thinking that it’s probably about time that I share my favorites for rain gear, and
I picked Dylan’s brain for his faves in menswear too.


Splurge: Rainrunner Pack Jacket 2.0 – $198

You know what I hate about most rainjackets? They way they make you feel inside the jacket – warm and muggy. Apparently I’m not the only one with this pet peeve as designers have started focusing on the breathability of waterproof material. Enter this incredible jacket. Designed for runners, it has 360 degree core venting, a drape in the back that serves as a splatter guard, and a hood that you can cinch down around your face. I like the blaze color as I do a lot of hiking in areas that can be hunted, but it doubles as a great choice for your next field event too! Finally, it packs down into a small little pocket with an elastic strap you can put on your arm for portability. PRO TIP: the generation one model is being discontinued, you can find it at REI and save yourself about $80!

Save: REI Co-op Active Pursuits Shell Jacket – $53.93

REI is known for having affordable options that help people get outside for adventure and this jacket find is one of my best dupes to date! Same color, and same 360 degree cape for ventilation. It also has an adjustable hood (why do people even make raincoats without a hood??). It’s not totally waterproof though, so if you are going to be in sustained rain, check out the pro tip on the splurge option, it’s a great deal!

Splurge – Women’s Welsey II Trench Coat – $200.00

This trench is really pretty perfect is you need something a little less casual than the jackets. It packs up like a dream and is great for your travels and next conformation show. Waterproof, breathable, and wind proof it’s sleek and functional. For an extra $40 you can get their insulated version if you need to!

Save: Dezsed Raincoat -$16.29

This coat boasts being rainproof, windproof, and breathable at a fraction of the HH trench cost. It comes in a multitude of colors, including a super fun yellow!


This bag is truly amazing and fantastic for travel. It’s big enough to stuff a clutch, umbrella, snacks, and whatever else you may need inside. The lining is waterproof and will keep everything perfectly dry, even if you get caught in a downpour. Pro tip: Get the cognac color and it will match your dog!

Save: GM LIKKE Shoulder Tote – $26.99

This is a fantastic dupe of the Longchamp tote down to the waterproofing. It’s the perfect size with the same comfy handles and the perfect price!


Splurge- Dew Point Jacket – $349

Dylan swears by his Sitka stuff and recently purchased this jacket to add to his arsenal. All the important stuff is incorporated: GORE-TEX, taped seams, a hood and pockets. The reviews from customers are insane…one talks about using it for a year and wearing it through multiple storms and always staying dry. Another vouches for all-day weather proofing. Everyone loves the pit zips to cool off when on the move too! 

Save – Redhead Silent Flex Jacket -$59.99

This jacket has all the important features like pockets, storm flaps, and a hood. It also features BONE-DRY technology that aims to keep you dry, but also be breathable. A very high 4.4 star rating, one reviewer said he was completely dry in a rainstorm, sitting in the blind and writing his review!

Splurge – Kensington Heritage Trench – $2,495

Designed for British soldiers in WWII, I had to go to Burberry for the quintessential trench. This investment piece will be a classic staple in your wardrobe and certainly an heirloom piece. 

Save – Tommy Hilfiger Modern Fit Raincoat – $109

This trench is on sale from its original $359 price making it a total steal! It’s got the classic double breasted and belt design at a fraction of the cost of the Burberry one. It also includes a back vent to help keep you cool.


Designed to keep thoose working in mud or water all day perfectly dry, these boots are a dream. They have a vibram sole for the best in traction and a steel toe if you need to do any real work in them. They are more than you need for a rainstorm, but if you fancy a duck hunt, these are an awesome addition to your wardrobe.

Save: Servus – Men’s Northerner Series Max Boot – $49.99

Dylan loves these boots. They are a great Spring & Fall boot (zero warmth come winter) and easily slip on and off. They are 100% waterproof, cushioned for comfort, and have good traction. Great for everyday wear, you’ll love this purchase!


ALAZA Hungarian Vizsla Brown Dog Travel Umbrella – $31.99

Okay, no save or splurge in this category as I know we all just need this one! My friend Lindsay owns this umbrella and I borrowed it to make a quick car check at a Scentwork trial this summer. This umbrella is super high quality which is usually hard to find in a vanity item. Go get one!


Splurge: Harbour Slicker Dog Rain Coat – $89.95

I really can’t say enough about the quality of Chilly Dogs coats. My dogs have never ended up with a wear spot even though they are absolute trail monsters and leap, sprint, and dodge through the forest. The mobility is absolutely excellent. It also speaks to the durability of their materials as I’ve also never found a tear anywhere. Chilly Dogs have two different rain coat models — one is a shell jacket, perfect for warmer rainstorms, but they also have their 3 season coat which is warmer if your climate calls for a bit more warmth. 

Save: Sun Shower Dog Raincoat -$52.46

This is another company who makes coats that have held up really well for me (boots too!) Thier rain slicker is also an uninsulated shell, but has extended coverage to keep those rear ends warm and dry too. It has almost a perfect 5 star rating with almost 250 reviews, so you know it’s gotta be great! One of my favorite features is the leash portal; nice to have that handy when it’s pouring outside!

Friends, whether you splurge or save, I hope these gems help you make a splash this Fall.