Introducing the VCA Blog!

One of the things I wanted to tackle after my Recording Secretary stint was the VCA’s voice on social media. While our education seminars and Vizsla News are full of good information, there was a lack public education. We would receive questions as simple as ‘where to find a breeder’ and had no “official” links to send over. Luckily, we have a broad network of regional clubs that would help answer the questions. But to Joe Q Public, why should he believe something from a self-proclaimed VCA mentor over the guy on Facebook that is confirming his hunch on a topic? The VCA had almost zero social media presence, and in a time when the vast majority turn to Google or YouTube to get answers, we needed to start building out our social media platforms. Our members need a way to back up what they are saying. We needed to provide some validation.

The VCA’s official instagram page — we’d love for you to follow us!

The VCA Facebook page was the first to launch, but still did not cover all our bases. While our page now boasts almost 4,000 likes, it still doesn’t capture the conversation happening in individual Vizsla groups. We also launched the VCA’s Instagram page last year. We hoped to capture more of the public audience, but still didn’t have a great way to answer questions.

The future is now!

The hope for this blog is that we can feature articles on the topics we all get questions on frequently. Like where to find a breeder, what health tests Vizslas should get, training tips, and diet answers. My hope is that our membership will step forward and offer to write an article or two. As questions arise on different social media platforms, members can answer with a link to our blog posts that address that topic. It will give immediate validation and help us combat the misinformation coming from scammers who have figured out Vizslas are gaining in popularity.

We are excited this is finally rolling out after years of planning. If you have an idea for an article, I’d love to hear from you.