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Annual Renewals and Updates

2020 VCA Renewals are now open. You can renew here.

The renewal period will end December 31,2019. Any renewals received between January 1, 2020 and February 28, 2020 will incur a $15 late fee.

Any renewals received after February 28, 2020 will need to be in the form of a new applications and must be go through the new membership application process.

Join the Vizsla Club of America

With a membership to the Vizsla Club of America, you:

  • can share information with fellow vizsla owners and breeders
  • receive four issues per year of The Vizsla News (event schedules, health, training, history articles)
  • receive a membership directory
  • receive periodic e-mails announcements from Constant Contact
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There are three types of Membership in the VCA. Discuss with your sponsors the most appropriate membership type. Membership type can be changed at renewal:

  • Regular (R, voting)
  • Associate (A, non-voting)
  • Junior (J, non-voting, 17 and under only)
  • Lifetime (L, voting, may be awarded, by a 2/3 vote of the Board of Directors, to individuals from among the membership who have made significant contributions to the Club and the Vizsla breed)

By applying for membership in the VCA, applicants agree to adhere to the VCA Code of Ethics, which serve as guidelines for responsible vizsla ownership and breeding practices, and sportsmanship in general.

Membership Application

New Vizsla Puppy Buyer Program

VCA Member Breeders can provide each of their puppy buyers with a complimentary VCA Associate Membership for one year. The requirements are:

  • All breeders must be current VCA members in good standing.
  • The new owner must not be an existing or prior member of the VCA.
  • VCA Associate Membership for new puppy buyers will still require voting confirmation by the Board of Directors.
  • The breeder must submit all applications and litter registrations by mail or email within 6 months of whelp date starting 1/1/2019. Any litters born in 2018 will have until June 30, 2019 to submit member applications and registrations.
  • A copy of the AKC litter registration must accompany all applications.
  • VCA New Puppy Buyer Application

Electronic Ballot Consent Form

Print form - print and complete, then scan and email or mail via USPS

Digital Form - Fill-in digital form, requires digital signature, follow directions to email back to Carol. NOTE: Not for iOS, and other mobile devices

Subscriptions to The Vizsla News

The VCA offers a calendar year subscription (4 issues) to The Vizsla News for $45/year. There is a postage supplement required for non-US subscriptions. Please send the subscription form and payment to address noted on form.

Outstanding Sportsmanship Award

VCA Member Resource List

Many VCA members have agreed to be a resource to those looking for information about the breed, breeders, regional clubs, activities and the VCA. VCA members agree to adhere to the VCA Code of Ethics. Publication of VCA membership information, however, does not constitute an endorsement of any individual(s) listed. If you would like your name added to the list, a form is enclosed with your annual renewal or update notice.

Useful Member Forms

Medallions form

Email any questions to Debbie Sullivan at: regalpointvizslas@yahoo.com

VCA Directory and Database changes

Please keep your information current. Send all changes/corrections to:

VCA Membership
379 Costa Mesa St
Costa Mesa, CA 92627