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2020 Membership Renewal/Updates

Fields with an asterick are required (if you do not have e-mail, please type "none")

Note: Paypal fees are paid by renewing member

 There is a $15 late fee now in effect!!

A $15 late fee will be charged for all renewals between January 1 and February 29 (60 day grace period). The late fee does not apply to update only submissions. Your renewal will not be accepted until the $15 late fee is paid.

Last Day to Renew without penalty was December 31, 2019


Please note: online renewal may not work correctly from mobile devices. Please use a computer if possible.


Please review the renewal form you received via mail or email.
If there are any changes/corrections please note it here:

*Shipping Region

I would like to receive the Vizsla News via:

1. Electronic copy (only)
2. Continue receiving hard copy via USPS (only)

I/we authorize and approve to accept electronic mail (email) notification of Club business.
(DECLINED if checked)

I/we authorize and approve of electronic balloting for Club elections and other Club business that requires a vote of the membership.
(DECLINED if checked)

All notifications and balloting shall be done according to the club’s bylaws.  Both of the above authorizations are revocable by written notification.  The Club is released from liability should an email or USPS mailed ballot or notification be received late or not received by the Member due to circumstances beyond the Club's control.

1. I will download the Member Directory from VCA News yahoo group.
2. Please email me a pdf copy of the Member Directory.
3. Please send me a printed directory - one year at $10.00.
4. Please send me a printed directory - two years at $20.00.

I am NOT renewing at this time; updating information only

Please complete the following BOXED section ONLY IF you are renewing your membership

*please look at your renewal form for your membership type and good until date*

Membership Type One Year Two Year
Regular (voting) Single Membership
Regular (voting) Household Membership
Associate (non-voting) Single Membership
Associate (non-voting) Household Membership
Junior Member (under 18)

Optional First Class postage supplement for US Associate and Jr. Members

Optional 1st Class Postage for Associate or Junior Members
Please note that if your shipping region is Canada or Other your total will include a charge for extra postage:
For Canada:1 Year = $15.002 Years = $30.00
For Other:1 Year = $35.002 Years = $70.00

I hereby renew/continue my membership in the Vizsla Club of America, Inc. and agree to support the constitution and bylaws of the Club, the Code of Ethics, and the resolutions of the Board of Directors; to encourage high standards in breeding, training and showing Vizslas, and to promote the Welfare of the Vizsla breed (COE, Constitution & Bylaws). Renewal is not complete until Membership Chairman is notified of payment by Paypal.