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February 2022

2022 NGDC Premium

2022 VCA NSCE is updated

2022 NSCE Reservations/Orders Store (open Feb 04)
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December 2021

2021 NFT Results

October 2021

Info for 2022 NSCE

September 2021

2021 NSCE Eye Clinic Opportunity

August 2021

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July 2021

2021 NSCE Updated Premiums

2021 NFT Premium, etc

2021 NSCE Updates, Premiums, Reservations/Store

April 2021

VCA Host Hotel Reservation Update

March 2021

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February 2021

2020 VCA Hall of Fame Inductees

Update on 2021 NSCE

January 2021

2021 National Gun Dog Championships

October 2020

2021 NSCE Information

2020 NFT Results

September 2020

2020 NSCE & Photo Contest Results Posted

2020 NFT Judge Update, Plus

August 2020

Latest News for NSCE

Live Streaming of the 2020 NSCE is a go!

The 2020 NFT updates

July 2020

Buy your 2020 NSCE Merchandise

April 2020

Updated information on 2020 NSCE

March 2020

Due to COVID-19, the NGD Championship has been Cancelled

Due to COVID-19 The NSCE have been delayed. New dates will be announced.

February 2020

2020 NSCE reservations and Store are open

NGDC Store open

January 2020

Premium and reservations for NGDC are posted

December 2019

NFT Results

RV Reservations for 2020 NSCE

September 2019

New ROM Schedule

August 2019

Hotel information for 2020 NSCE

July 2019

Premium posted for 2019 NFT

June 2019

Check 2019 NFT New Information

April 2019

NSCE 2019 Judging Program

March 2019

2019 NFT Information

NSCE Newest Information

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February 2019

2019 HOF Nominations Open

January 2019

2019 NGDC Information

National Specialty Premium

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**New** VCA WF Vizsla Population Survey 2019 is live!

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2019 National Specialty Agility Premium posted

November 2018

2018 VCA NFT Results

September 2018

Results for the 2018 NFT

August 2018

Newest information on the 2018 National Field Trial


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Who makes the rules, and how to contact them

There are 5 major agility organizations in the United States. Each one has slightly different rules and requirements of Dog/handler. Titles/levels from the various organizations cannot be mixed and matched. For example, Even if you earn an advanced title in AKC, you must still start in the first level of USDAA. Although each of the organizations uses most of the same obstacles, there are a few that are unique to one or the other, and there might be some slight differences in the obstacle specifications for the different organizations.

  • American Kennel Club (AKC) offers agility to both mixed breeds and pure-bred dogs. AKC has less stringent obstacles and qualifying requirements, but smaller courses than USDAA. It is a good "in-between" organization for many handlers.
  • Canine Performance Events (CPE) offers agility to both mixed breeds and pure-bred dogs. The courses are noted for smooth flowing courses. The equipment standards are similar to AKC. It offers a multitude of titles in 5 competitive levels, including classes for junior handlers and older dogs too.
  • United States Dog Agility Association, Inc. (USDAA) offers agility to both mixed breeds and pure-bred dogs. The obstacles are slightly more difficult (more narrow planks, higher jump heights, and smaller tire size. The qualifying requirements are very strict. Some dogs may also have a hard time clearing the higher jumps.
  • United Kennel Club (UKC) offers agility to both mixed breeds and pure-bred dogs. UKC is known for demanding more precision and control. UKC offers lower height and speed standards. Their philosophy is more to make agility available to anyone regardless of physical abilities, and all dogs, no matter what their breed disadvantages are.
  • North American Dog Agility Council (NADAC) offers agility to both mixed breeds and pure-bred dogs. NADAC offers more moderate jump heights and safe courses, and uses the least amount of obstacles.
  • Australian Shepherd Club of America (ASCA) is not just for Australian Shepherds. It welcomes all breeds, including mixed breeds. It's rules are similar to NADAC.