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If your dog has a nose, he can track. The difference in a tracking "Test" is that unlike agility or obedience, where the handler gives instructions and the dog is expected to follow, in tracking the dog is in charge. Tracking uses the natural instincts of the dog to follow the trail that is left by the person (or animal). Tracking and the new Scent work events go to the essence of what a dog is. Working with the tracking dog requires on a true partnership, where the human must trust the dog.

There are four titles possible for the dog/handler team in tracking. Tracking Dog (TD), Tracking Dog Excellent (TDX), Variable Surface Tracking (VST) and Champion Tracker (CT).

While it is easier to learn by getting involved with a group of people who love to track, tracking can be learned from books.

Some Venues that offer Tracking Competition (trials):