Applications and The Vizsla News Subscription

Please fill out the membership application completely, and mail it to the VCA Membership Chairman (address on application form). Be sure to include all fees and sponsor signatures. Two VCA member sponsors are REQUIRED.

The VCA offers a calendar-year subscription (4 issues) to The Vizsla News for $50 per year. There is a postage supplement required for non-US subscriptions. Please send the subscription form and payment to the address noted on the form.

Approval Forms

This form is used to request Parent Club Approval for Field Trials

Send completed form as an attachment to

For any questions about this form or parent club approvals, please email to and cc to

Ballot Consent Forms

Fill in the printed form, scan it, and email or mail it via USPS.

Fill in the digital form, affix your digital signature, and follow directions to email back to Carol. NOTE: Not for iOS and other mobile devices.

Hall Of Fame


More About Medallions


VCA medallions are available for pickup at the Nationals for all members whose dogs earned AKC titles or VCA Versatility Certificates. The awards year includes all titles published in the “American Kennel Club Awards” from October of the previous calendar year through September of the current calendar year. Please remember that the publication date is several months after the title is earned and that medallions are awarded only when published. Therefore, you may have a very long wait for a medallion if you earned a title in June, July, August, or September. Sometimes June wins can make the September issue of AKC Awards.

In order to receive a VCA medallion, at least one of the owners of record must be a current VCA member. Only one medallion will be issued per title.

If you are entitled to a medallion and are unable to arrange for it to be picked up (anyone, with your permission, can sign for and pick up your medallions) at the Nationals, you may have it mailed by sending a check (to cover shipping) payable in U.S. funds to VCA in care of the following:

Debbie Sullivan
8420 Sullivan Lane
Orange, TX 77632
(409) 553-7271

The cost to mail 1 or 2 medallions is $2 (3 or 4 medallions costs $4, etc.).

Email any questions to Debbie Sullivan at

Please note: No medallions will be mailed before December 1 of the current year and January 31 of the next year. Sorry, requests for out-of-date medallions cannot be honored.

New Vizsla Puppy Buyer Program

VCA Member Breeders can provide each of their puppy buyers with a complimentary VCA Associate Membership for one year. The requirements are as follows:

All breeders must be current VCA members in good standing.

The new owner must not be an existing or prior member of the VCA.

VCA Associate Memberships for new puppy buyers will still require voting confirmation by the Board of Directors.
The breeder must submit all applications and a copy of the top portion of the AKC Litter Record form by mail or email within 6 months of the whelp date, starting 1/1/2019.

Outstanding Sportsmanship Award

PennHIP Results – Adding to OFA Database


Registry Of Merit

VCA Directory and Database Changes

Please keep your information current. Send all changes and corrections to the following:

VCA Membership
379 Costa Mesa Street
Costa Mesa, CA 92627

VCA Member Resource List

Many VCA members have agreed to be a resource to those looking for information about the breed, breeders, regional clubs, activities, and the VCA. VCA members agree to adhere to the VCA Code of Ethics. Publication of VCA membership information, however, does not constitute an endorsement of any individual(s) listed. If you would like your name added to the list, a form is enclosed with your annual renewal or update notice.

VCA Regional Map

VCA Website – Submitting Content

Please follow the procedures outlined in the form linked below: