Find a mentor - obedience training

People new to the Vizsla breed are often unsure about how to get started in various events that might be fun and beneficial for them and their dog.

Vizslas are an active breed. Vizslas are an active breed. They don’t do well in small, controlled environments where they cannot run, exercise, and use their innate energy. A walk on a six-foot leash is not exercise for a Vizsla. They need off-leash running for extended periods of time multiple days per week.

Below is a list of VCA members who can help you get exposure to the activities where Vizslas thrive. Reach out to them, learn how to have fun with your dog, and build lasting relationships with other Vizsla owners and dogs.

Field Trials

Field Trial Mentors
Contact: Justin Allen,

Hunting Tests

Vizsla Hunting Test Mentors
Credit: Jennifer Follett
Contact: Tad Walden,

Conformation Shows

Vizsla Conformation Mentors
Credit: Sebastian Duran

Agility Events

Vizsla Agility Mentors
Contact: Jamie Walton,

Nose Work

Vizsla Nose Work Mentors
Credit: Play Paws Record