Join the Vizsla Club of America

With a membership in the Vizsla Club of America, you can do the following:

  • Share information with fellow Vizsla owners and breeders
  • Receive four issues per year of The Vizsla News (event schedules, health, training, history articles)
  • Receive a membership directory
  • Receive periodic email announcements from Constant Contact
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The VCA has three types of membership, which can be changed upon renewal:

  • Regular (R, voting)
  • Associate (A, nonvoting)
  • Junior (J, nonvoting for 17 and under only)
  • Lifetime (L, voting, may be awarded, by a 2/3 vote of the Board of Directors, to individual members who have made significant contributions to the Club and the Vizsla breed)

By applying for membership in the VCA, applicants agree to adhere to the VCA Code of Ethics, which serves as a guideline for responsible Vizsla ownership, breeding practices, and sportsmanship in general.

Membership Application