Respect for the Vizsla

The Vizsla is a distinctively different canine. It is a superior family dog as well as a true hunting companion, accepting the role of protector and friend and demanding the degree of respect and rank that distinguishes it clearly higher than that of a “dog”.

After surviving countless wars and centuries of limited and selective breeding, the Vizsla was re-bred from near extinction and combines the finest in beauty, character and hunting ability with a strong desire to please. He is lightweight and agile, running with effortless grace. Respect for this heritage demands that the breed should never be allowed to become less than the dog that still represents the National Dog of Hungary – a true “walking gentleman’s shooting dog.” The Vizsla should remain true to type whether in the show ring, field or at home with the family, representing all physical characteristics which have distinguished him for centuries.

Membership of Vizsla owners, breeders, and fanciers in the Vizsla Club of America (VCA) is needed to secure a group of truly dedicated people committed to maintaining the breed and assuring its proper management here in America. The Vizsla deserves only good owners, trainers, and judges so that future generations may also enjoy the noble characteristics of this classy sporting dog.

The Code Of Ethics for breeders and owners of the Vizsla was accepted by the VCA Board of Directors and the general membership on October 24, 1992; then expanded November 2005 by VCA BOD and approved by the VCA Membership in October 2006. Revised in 2009, August 2011, and September 2022.

Code Of Ethics


VCA members shall always conduct themselves in a manner which will reflect credit upon themselves, their Vizslas and the sport of purebred dogs, regardless of the location or circumstance; protect and advance the development of the Vizsla through continued improvement of soundness, stable temperament, natural hunting ability and conformation as set forth in the official Vizsla Standard.


VCA members shall maintain the best possible standard of canine health, cleanliness and veterinary care in an atmosphere conducive to the stable development of their dogs.


VCA members shall breed only with the intention of improving the breed by breeding only those Vizslas who conform to the standard as recognized by the American Kennel Club and who exhibit soundness, stable temperament, and natural hunting ability. Further, VCA members shall breed only those dogs who have a DNA number (a DNA Number is not required for dogs who passed away prior to 2007), are free of serious hereditary defects (including epilepsy, progressive retinal atrophy, von Willebrand disease, entropion, and cranial muscular atrophy), are over two years of age at testing, and have OFA-certified normal hip x-rays and/or have VCA verified PennHIP scores published in the OFA database with no radiographic evidence of osteoarthritis.

VCA members must exhibit a commitment to Vizslas they have bred and sold by supporting rescue through involvement with any Vizsla placed in rescue, produced by either dog or bitch that is member-owned of co-owned. Support may include but is not limited to financial, fostering and/or re-homing.


VCA members shall:

  • not breed, sell, consign puppies or adult dogs to pet shops or other commercial ventures such as lotteries or raffles
  • honestly evaluate the quality of the Vizsla sold, fairly represent that evaluation and urge puppy purchasers not to breed dogs which, for any reason should not be used for breeding
  • not release puppies under eight weeks of age
  • furnish details on feeding, care, inoculations, pedigrees and written sales agreements
  • sell any puppy which will not be used for breeding on Limited Registration from AKC
  • screen all prospective buyers to assure that puppies have safe and loving homes
  • supply assistance and support to puppy buyers for the life of the dog
  • encourage owners to become involved in Vizsla activities, the Vizsla Club of America and regional Vizsla clubs


The opinions expressed herein do not necessarily reflect the opinions of the website coordinator, the Vizsla Club of America, its officers, directors or members. Dogs and kennels advertised in the Breeders Directory or elsewhere do not constitute an endorsement by the Vizsla Club of America. Persons using this directory must decide for themselves which dog breeder is most suitable for their purpose.

The Vizsla Club of America will have no responsibility or liability for any claim arising in connection with any alleged or actual violation of the VCA’s Code of Ethics by advertisers in any VCA print or electronic publication or by other members of the VCA.

Though the VCA may publish registration numbers, ratings, listings, gradings or other identifying information provided by various other organizations, the VCA takes no responsibility for either their accuracy or the method from which they were derived.

Last changed Sept 2022 by vote of membership.