Versatility - Dock Diving
Photo: Jamie Walton

The Vizsla is a good-looking, well-mannered family companion, and the VCA actively promotes the versatile nature of the breed. Introduced in 1981, the VCA Versatility Certificate Program recognizes those Vizslas who have met specific standards through performance testing and adherence to the breed standard.

The Versatility Certificate Program tests dogs in three areas: hunting ability, obedience, and conformation. Local Vizsla clubs can host versatility tests during the year. Altered or intact, AKC- or PAL-registered Vizslas are eligible to participate in the tests and work toward the VC certificate.

The VCA will designate the dogs who have completed the requirements as Versatility Certificate (VC) recipients. The letters VC will follow the dog’s registered name. The VC designation is a VCA award that is not recognized by the AKC. The VC title, however, may be included in advertising. The VC designation obtained by progeny is worth three points toward the sire and dam’s calculation for Registry of Merit (ROM) qualifications. Once a year, a list of all new VCs will be published in The Vizsla News, and the Versatility Certificate titleholders will be updated on the VCA website.

Versatility program 

Versatility Conformation Test

Versatility Obedience Test

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