Field Trial Top Ten January 2023

Calculated/Reported by Michel Berner, using AKC field trial reports through January 31, 2023

AKC Dogs Defeated Top Ten

All AKC field trial stakes and all ages of dogs are included, one point per dog defeated in AKC competition. Points accrued January – December. There is no Dog of the Year awarded for Dogs Defeated

RankDogOwnerDogs Defeated
1DC RFC Zezeto’s Alpine Redemption Daniel Brooks, Jessica Mackey105
2DC AFC Soutwind’s Testing The Limits Christi Uhrig, Mel Reveles 72
3Fusion’s Make No Mistak TKN Brooke Flavin70
4CH Diamond C’s Braw Benison Sabrina & Chriss Corliss56
5CH Mythic-N-Barktalk’s Boomerang CDX RN SH Marchia Schlessinger 51
6FC AFC Mythic’s Linus JH Jeff Rhine 36
7Sierra Daae Rose JH CGC TKI Kathryn & Michael Parks 35
8CH Southwind Snowbird Patricia Hart31
8Mythic Starstone Supernova At Comynara JH Susan Mulley & Philip Marshall 31
8DC AFC Chip’s Ray Of Sunshine Zak JH Mary & Tom Shapiro 31
9Fusion’s Mind Your Own Brooke Flavin27
9Regal Point Amazin Skye At Salt Creek Kevin & Staci Billy, Debbie Sullivan27
10F AFC Firestorm Pacific Duke MH CGC Clint Lager24

Top Ten Gun Dog Reports
Points for all Top Ten lists are calculated by the using the placement times dogs defeated
1st Place: 4 times the number of dogs defeated in the stake
2nd Place: 3 times the number of dogs defeated in the stake
3rd Place: 2 times the number of dogs defeated in the stake
4th Place: 1 times the number of dogs defeated in the stake

For example, if a stake has 10 starters, then the following points are earned:

1st gets 4×9 points (36 points)
2nd gets 3×8 points (24 points)
3rd gets 2×7 points (14 points)
4th gets 1×6 (6 points)

The Top Ten Gun Dog is tabulated monthly using placements as released to the VCA by the AKC. All applicable placements at trials held January 1 through December 31 of each year are used. Each dog starts out at zero on January 1 of each year.

VCA Top Ten Open Gun Dogs

Only Limited Stakes (OLGD, GOLGD, NFC, NGDC, AKCNGDC, AKCNWGDC) stakes are used

RankDog NameOwnersPoints
1DC RFC Vezeto's Alpine RedemptionDaniel Brooks/ J Mackey149
2DC AFC Southwind's Testing The LimitsChristi Uhrig/ M Reveles149
3FC AFC Firestorm Pacific Duke MH CGCClint E Lager 72
4Regal Point Amazing Skye At Salt CreekKevin & Staci Billy/D Sullivan36
5CH Mythic-N-Barktalk's Boomerang CDX RN SHMarcia Schlesinger35
6FC AFC Coppersage AspenKita Morris24
7FC AFC Mythic's Linus JHJeff Rhine22
8GCH DC AFC Barben's Dirt Dog Bites The Bullitt MH NA NAJ CGCPatricia & John Rundell 15
9DC AFC Chip's Ray Of Sunshine Zak JHMary & Tom Shapiro10

VCA Top Ten Amateur Gun Dogs

Only ALGD, GALGD, NAFC stakes are used

1DC AFC Chip's Ray Of Sunshine Zak JHMary & Tom Shapiro63
2FC AFC Mythic's Linus JHJeff Rhine56
3Fusion's Make No Mistake TKNBrooke & Matthew Flavin54
4Fusion's Mind Your OwnBrooke Flavin34
5CH Mythic-N-Barktalk's Boomerang CDX RN SHMarcia Schlesinger22
6Mira's Bitterroot QuincyJeff & Kate Funk18
7NAFC FC AFC Widdershins Fenway Flash CGCShawn Harris14
8DC RFC Vezeto's Alpine Redemption11
9Crimson's Blazing Insignia SHJudith Ann DiVincenzo-Alonzo-6

Top Ten Puppy Derby Dogs –

The Puppy/Derby rankings accrue for all placements earned in Open Puppy or Open Derby only.

* There is no award for top Puppy/Derby Dogs because eligibility changes monthly.

Each Puppy/Derby will remain on the list and be eligible to accrue points until their second birthday month ends.

1Semper Fi TulagiAl & Terry Lucas177
2Rush Creek Semper Fi TripoliAl & Terry Lucas162
3Nv ChloeMichael Northwood159
4Chip's Smarty Pants FrankieMichelle & Steve Artis148
5Red Blend's Wherever You Go I Follow TKNJewffrey & Lucero Alcock107
6Ridge Alaska VizslaJessica Predom103
7Alpine's KopperdahlArthur Darin Strickland102
8Chip's Oberon, Master Of The Green Woods JH SIN TKA VSWENick & Kristine Sohrakoff101
9Chip's BerniceMiles Eisentraut100
10Firestorm Hot DiggityPatrick Clark / Cristine Currie93