Field Trial Top Ten Q2 2022

Calculated/Reported by Michel Berner, using AKC field trial reports through June 30, 2022

AKC Dogs Defeated Top Ten

All AKC field trial stakes and all ages of dogs are included, one point per dog defeated in AKC competition. Points accrued January – December. There is no Dog of the Year awarded for Dogs Defeated

RankDogOwnerDogs Defeated
1FC AFC Vista Make It BurnPatrick Clark & Cristine Currie179
2NFC FC AFC Southwind Lock N Loaded VK’s Kimber Robyn & Sherwin Van Kooten168
3FC AFC Coppersage AspenKita Morris145
4SLJ’s Cora Blue MHSteve Johansen100
5Red Letter Day MHMara Fizdale98
5Valley Hunter Princess Leia JHJanet Starnes98
5DC AFC Chip’s Ray of Sunshine Zak JHMary & Tom Shapiro98
5CH Cruiser’s Invasion of Normandy MH CGC TKN Todd & Missy Otten, Jill Hoffbeck98
6FC AFC Firestorm Pacific Duke MH CGCClint Lager97
7Soco’s All About SpeedPaul Hermes & Jennifer Hermes96
8FC Valley Hunter’s Rugby JHKathy Murphy92
9CH Dynata’s Bound To Be Firing On All Cylinders FDCLaurie Fairchild86
10DC AFC Southwind’s Bully For Green FireElsa Gallagher85

Top Ten Gun Dog Reports
Points for all Top Ten lists are calculated by the using the placement times dogs defeated
1st Place: 4 times the number of dogs defeated in the stake
2nd Place: 3 times the number of dogs defeated in the stake
3rd Place: 2 times the number of dogs defeated in the stake
4th Place: 1 times the number of dogs defeated in the stake

For example, if a stake has 10 starters, then the following points are earned:

1st gets 4×9 points (36 points)
2nd gets 3×8 points (24 points)
3rd gets 2×7 points (14 points)
4th gets 1×6 (6 points)

The Top Ten Gun Dog is tabulated monthly using placements as released to the VCA by the AKC. All applicable placements at trials held January 1 through December 31 of each year are used. Each dog starts out at zero on January 1 of each year.

VCA Top Ten Open Gun Dogs

Only Limited Stakes (OLGD, GOLGD, NFC, NGDC, AKCNGDC, AKCNWGDC) stakes are used

RankDog NameOwnersPoints
1NFC FC AFC Southwind Locked N Loaded VK’s KimberRobyn & Sherwin Van Kooten345
2DC Chip’s Ray of Sunshine Zak JHMary & Tom Shapiro189
3NAFC FC AFC Pele’s Wiki Wiki Aloha SpiritCharles Chadwell & Nancy Browne182
4DC NGDC AFC Zydeco’s Blastin’ ThRoux Everything MHJeff & Christy Mixon, Ashley Uffman143
5CK Guy’s Light My FireCody Engebretson120
6DC Soco’s I Wanna Go Fast MHJennifer Hermes & Paul Hermes92
6Red Oak’s VelocityKatrina Sullivan & Laura Bauman92
7Sierra’s Finn MacCool SHJulian & Robbi Irigoyen88
8FC AFC Mehagian Semper Fi TinianAl & Terry Lucas82
9Red Letter Day MHMara Fizdale81
10FC Meyers Bella Todd Meyers75

VCA Top Ten Amateur Gun Dogs

Only ALGD, GALGD, NAFC stakes are used

RankDog NameOwnersPoints 
1FC AFC Vista Make It BurnPatrick Clark & Cristine Currie330
2FC AFC Firestorm Pacific Duke MH CGCClint Lager170
3NGDC NWGDC GFC FC AFC VK’s Twenty Gauge GunnarRobyn & Sherwin Van Kooten167
4NFC FC AFC Southwind Locked N Loaded KimberRobyn & Sherwin VanKooten149
5FC Mythic’s Linus JHJeff Rhine138
6CH Kizmar Calibre Elite Cutterzoos Diamond In the Ruff MH SCN SEN SHDN CGCA CGCU TKI Robin Cutter & Jamie Walton100
7DC AFC Mythic’s GersemiTania Campbell96
8FC Firestorm’s Rose of Cimarron JHDoug Miller & Terri Younger Miller88
9FC AFC Dynata’s Bound To Be BrilliantMark Calder84
10Soco’s All About SpeedPaul Hermes & Jennifer Hermes78

Top Ten Puppy Derby Dogs –

The Puppy/Derby rankings accrue for all placements earned in Open Puppy or Open Derby only.

* There is no award for top Puppy/Derby Dogs because eligibility changes monthly.

Each Puppy/Derby will remain on the list and be eligible to accrue points until their second birthday month ends.

1Dynata’s Bound To Be The Best Gift Of AllLaurie Fairchild164
2NV ChloeMichael Northwood152
3Rush Creek Semper Fi TripoliTerry & Al Lucas149
4Red Blend’s Wherever You Go I Follow TKNJeffrey & Lucero Alcock148
5Burr Oak’s CebaJames Gingrich142
6Semper Fi TulagiTerry & Al Lucas118
7CH Moonlight Easy To Feel JHKaren Lake108
8Ridge Alaska Vizsla JHJessica Predom107
9Alpine’s Little Reggie Rutabaga JHLaurel Priddy & Dr Jessica Mackey95
10NV DaisyMichael Northwood93