Multiple Champions as of June 22, 2014

Triple Champion
FC OTCH CH Cariad's Kutya Kai Costa UD VC HOF
Bred by Marion Coffman & Linda Greenfield
Robert & Marianne Costa
Quintuple Champion "Chartay"
Inducted into the VCA Hall of Fame in August 2007
In August 2006, AKC recognized Chartay as the most accomplished dog in the AKC's 122 year history. Read More
Jack SharkeyJack Sharkey
Triple Champion "Dart" BISS TC AFC Red Oak Totem from SnowRidge, MH MXS MJS OFJanet P. Wallace, PhDJanet P. Wallace, PhD

Dual Champions

1967DC Futaki Darocz HOF
1969DC Weedy Creek Lobo HOF
1970DC Bobo Buck Selle
1970DC Szekeres Kis Szereto
1971DC Behi's Csinos Csiny CD HOF ROM
1971BISS DC AFC Brook's Amber Mist HOF
1972DC AFC Amber's Windy Autumn HOF
1972DC AFC Sir Lancelot HOF
1973DC Chip Odysseus
1973DC AFC Pirolin
1974DC Rebel Rouser Duke HOF
1974DC Rippi of Webster Woodlands
1975DC NFC Sir Amber Sam
1975DC/AFC Csibesz Rotkopf
1975DC AFC Jodi's Jump N Bing Bang Bucz
1976DC AFC NFC 2xNAFC Brook's Willie Whompum HOF
1976DC AFC Arco's Arco
1976DC AFC Rothan's Rozsda Kisanya CD HOF
1977DC AFC Janos V W Come Lately
1978DC AFC Victor of Holzworth Farm
1979DC Cline's Olympia Blitz
1979DC W D Regina
1979DC AFC 2xNFC NAFC Mehagian's Peppy Paloma HOF
1979DC AFC Valhi's Liberty Valance
1980DC AFC Behi Csecse Gyors Lab
1980DC AFC Bratt's FK Gippen
1980Triple CH Cariad's Kutya Kai Costa UD VC HOF
1980DC AFC Fieldstone's Hey Duke
1982DC AFC Behi's Jeri Redef
1982DC Bry-Lynn's Golden Taurus
1982DC Rotkopf's Minor Miracle
1982DC AFC El Cazador's Ripp Van Winkle
1982DC AFC NAFC Fieldstone's Tip Top Timmy
1983DC NFC Cody's Dark Star
1983DC AFC Fieldstone's Tip Top Chester VC
1983DC Redef's Hellza Poppin
1983DC AFC Sage Richards
1984DC MY T HI Thunder Storm
1984DC Pride's Joy
1984DC AFC Bo Sassy Delibab
1984DC AFC FK's Rivendell Reaghan MH CDX VC HOF
1984DC AFC Willie's Cedar Chip CD VC
1985DC Popple Dungeon Super Star
1985DC AFC Boyd's J R of Futaki
1985DC AFC Ceasar's Image Barging Buck
1985DC AFC Papago Samsson CD MH
1986DC AFC Futaki Marci
1986DC Pleasant Run Gunner
1986DC AFC Askim MH NSTRA Champion HOF
1986DC AFC Camarily Sandman ROM
1986DC AFC Popple Dungeon Trillium
1986DC AFC Popple Dungeon What A Dickens SH CD VC
1986DC AFC Randy Bee's Rambling Man MH
1986DC AFC Upwind Selkie
1987DC AFC Behi Gyors Vonat PD Carla
1987DC AFC Golden Empire's Beauregard MH CD VC
1987DC AFC Paradox Title Chase of Behi
1987DC Rebel Rouser ET HOF ROM
1987DC AFC Semper Fi Chesty Puller MH
1988DC Russet Leather Pretty Pawnee
1988DC AFC Berry's Mason Dixon Lover CD
1988DC AFC 2XNAFC Masha's Best Flash Dancer
1989DC Viesoo's Prodigal Son
1989DC AFC 2XNAFC Golden Empire's Doctor T MH HOF
1989BISS DC AFC Riverbend Deacon's Dandy HOF CD ROM VC
1990DC Oakleaf's Screamin' Demon
1990DC AFC Askim's Diamond Reo
1990DC Oakleaf's Whiskey Pete
1991DC AFC Melto-n-Futaki's Rapstone Red SH
1991DC AFC Camelot's Capricious Caper
1991DC AFC Greffin's Ha'Penny MH
1991DC AFC Mehagian's KRC's Phoenix Fridge
1991DC AFC Paradox Remarqueable Jake
1991DC AFC Semper Fi Montezuma
1992DC Mehagian's Firestarter
1992DC AFC Lakeside Luke Skywalker MH ROM
1992DC AFC Mudsville Lorac Makk
1992NFC DC AFC Triad's XXIV Karat Oakleaf CD VC
1992DC AFC NFC Corky
1993DC JJ Kedves Vadasz SH
1993DC Sir Kiss Janos Of Shipping
1993DC AFC Coleto Cheyenne
1993DC AFC Viesoo's X-Factor Konya MH
1994DC AFC Behi Red Chief JH
1994DC Camarily Mesquite
1994DC Mattapex Winsome Girl
1994DC AFC Fourwinds Rebel Rouser Gator
1994DC AFC Golden Empire's Texas Topaz MH
1994DC AFC Linden's Belle Starr CD MH VC
1994DC AFC Morning Sky Mista Bone MH
1994DC AFC Reckless Ballofire SH
1995DC AFC MACH OTCH Legacy's DeChartay UDX5 MH VC HOF
1995DC AFC Sierra's Wooden Nickel CDX MH
1996DC AFC Masha's Sinfully Wild Cherri
1996BISS DC AFC Mar-Ed's Ask'm He Knoz SH VC
19962xNFC DC AFC Sun Up Magnum Forty-Four MH
1996DC RebelRouser Diamondback
1996DC Rebel Rouser Cal
1997DC Paradise Master Of The Hunt MH
1997DC Zekiel Regel Of Kent
1998DC AFC Desert Storm's Jet Tripper
1998DC AFC Snow Ridge Nokomis
1999BISS DC AFC Red Oak's Stormin Norman MH
1999DC AFC Rebel Rouser'N'Lindens Cyote SH VC CGC TDI
1999'03 NGDC DC Barben's Rapacious Rascal MH
1999DC Krackerjack's Bela Barktalk MH UDX VC
1999Intl CH DC Oakleaf's Everwhen Chances R CDX MH NA VC HOF ROM
1999DC AFC Sienna Gold Tidal Victory SH
2000DC AFC Maximum Strider SH
2000DC AFC Outbound Ike SH
2000BISS DC AFC Triad's Dry Martini CD MH VC
2001DC AFC Upwind Chas'n My Jason
2001DC AFC Copperfield's High Roller SH
2001DC AFC Keystone Upwind Doubledipity
2001DC AFC Valley Hunter's Divine Penlee CDX RN MH MX MXJ VC
2001DC Tonka's Rebel Rouser Manitou
2002DC Piper's Upwind Of Bunker Hill
2002DC AFC Berry's Borne To Be Wilde JH
2002DC Fieldstone Lord Fox Of Lindn JH
2002DC Winsong's Cinnabar Hannah MH
2002BISS DC NFC Int'l CH Csardas Lakeside Zephyr SH
2003DC Rebel Rouser Orion JH
2003NGDC DC AFC, Can. CH, (2xFDSB CH), Onpoint's Tuff Stuff FD TT
2003NAFC DC AFC Wildwood's Back With Zack MH VC
2004DC Can. CH BISS Arsla And Auburn's Sunny Boy MH
2005DC AFC Comynara's Opus by Barktalk UDX SH NA VC NAJ
2005DC AFC Valley Hunter's Southern Comfort CD MH NA NAJ VC NAVHDA UT Prize II
2006DC AFC Valley Hunter's Limited Edition MH
2006DC AFC Barben's Martini With a Twist JH
2006DC Midan's High Heeled Sneaker
2006DC AFC Huntley MH
2006DC Rimfire's Double Jeopardy
2006DC AFC Bitteroot Semper Fi Cutter
2006DC AFC 2xNGDC NAFC Crimson's Twenty Gauge Ruger SH
2006DC Barben's Absolut Martini
2007DC AFC Everedi-N-Melto's Hey Toots MH
2007DC AFC Bayview's Treasured Odinn MH
2007DC AFC Csardas Deuces Wild MH
2007DC AFC Int'l CH Chips Bonny Lass SH
2007DC BISS GCH Snowridge Gunfire Flynn JH
2007MBISS GCH DC AFC Remek's Red Storm Rising RN ROM
2007DC AFC Csardas Bugle Boy Boogie JH
2008DC Onpoint's Tuff Act To Beat JH
2008DC Red Oak's Absolut Havoc
2008DC Semper Fi Top Brass
2008DC AFC Linden's Kyetankerous Drifter SH VC
2008DC Melto-N-Barktalk's Ruby Rose SH
2008DC Fieldfire's High Octane SH
2008BISS TC AFC Red Oak Totem From Snowridge OA OAJ JH
2009DC AFC Valleyhunter Vermilion Grant CD MH JHR VC ROM NAVHDA NA Prize I NAVHDA UT Prize I
2009GCH DC AFC Bitteroot's Nicholaus Cazador MH
2009DC Fieldstone's Remington Ammo MH
2009DC AFC Snow Ridge Struttin Lil Man SH VC
2009GCH DC AFC Grousebend's Dago Red MH
2009DC AFC Poquito's Taos NM De SiSi
2010GCH DC GCH Lagniappe's Chosen One MH
2010DC AFC Tsavo's Mynameis Earl SH VC
2010DC AFC Billy Reuben
2010DC Bitteroot's Bow Tie Affair
2010DC Drycreek's Tommy By Tommy
2010NFC DC (FDSB CH) Onpoint's Bravo Thunder Rolls
2010DC Barben's Absolut Joie De Vivre
2011GCH DC Soco's Pinnacle Inspired One JH NAVHDA NA Prize II
2011BISS GCH DC Egri Vermilion Vlyhtr Carter JH NAVHDA NA Prize I
2011DC AFC Justeals Kytankerous Commander JH
2011NGDC DC AFC JB's Asker Bout Birds
2011DC AFC Red River's Southern Harmony JH VC 2XNGDC AOM Recipient
2011DC AFC Soco's Enchanted One MH
2011BISS GCH DC Annian's Great Explorer JH
2012DC Tiber Creek's Ricochet Joey
2012DC Lagniappe Roux MH VC NAVHDA NA Prize I
2012DC Yubina Anatol Von Walnut Creek
2012DC AFC Rushcreek Semper Fi High Style
2013DC AFC Sansouci Vermilion Quincy MH NAVHDA NA Prize I VCA NGDC Award of Merit 2011
2013DC Vermilion Honest Abe SH NAVHDA NA Prize I
2013R-BIS BISS GCH DC Boulder's N Fusion's Power Trip CGC MH ROM
2013DC AFC BroadRun's Tornado at Winddance JH
2013DC Triad's Upwind Photon Torpedo SH
2013DC Wiki Wiki Tiki Man
2013DC AFC Bitteroot's Mythical Phoenix MH
2013DC AFC Melto's Freyja
2013DC AFC Remek Valley Hunter Moon Dance
2013DC D 'N D's Born To Boogie SH
2013DC AFC Rsh Crk Smpr Fi Marine Raider
2013DC Barben's Happy Ending SH
2014NGDC DC AFC Boulder's N Fusion's Heart of a Stallion JH
2014GCH DC Bajos Bruin at Right Wing
2014DC AFC Broad Run's Fire Red Warrior JH CGC
2014DC AFC Lagniappe's Who's Your Daddy? CDX RE MHA
2014GCH DC AFC Dynata's Bound To Know It All MH NAJ
2015GCH DC AFC Zydeco's First You Make A Roux SH NAVHDA NA Prize I
2015DC AFC Poquito's Riata De Abilene
2015DC Ricochet's Bitteroot S.F. Sailin Virginia Belle SH
2015DC AFC Csardas Little Deuce Coupe MHA
2015NFC DC (NVA NCH 3XFDSB CH 2xMVSDC) CK Touchdown Guy
2016DC AFC Pajkos Semper Fi Special Ops MH
2016DC AFC Mackey's Trail Blazing Sitka
2017DC Antares Seranade BN CGC
2017GCH DC Poquito’s La Maracas de Riata
2017DC Red River’s Flash Mob JH
2017GCH DC Tierah’s The Spy Who Loved Me MHA NAVHDA NA Pz I
2018DC Firestorms Right To The Point
2018DC AFC Southwind's Flat Iron Cruise
2019DC Soco’s Twist of Fate JH
2019DC Drycreek's Escape Velocity
2019DC Bangert's Red Baron
2019DC High Tides Avant Garde JH
2020DC AFC Mythic's Valkyrie
2021NAFC NGDC DC AFC Southwind's Citori Red Lighnting
2021DC AFC Southwind's Testing the Limits
2021DC Boulder's N Fusion's Smarti Pants of Southwind
2021DC GCH Zydeco's Les Bon Temps Roux'le
2021DC GCH Barben's Dirt Dog Bites the Bullitt MH NA NAJ CGC
2021DC Alpine's Playing with Fire
2021DC Southwind's Things Happen For a Reason
2021DC AFC Mythics Gersemi
2021DC AFC Zydeco's Blastin' Th'Roux Everything MH
2021DC Soco's I Wanna Go Fast SH