The future of the Vizsla rests with the sires and dams who have demonstrated their ability to maintain the quality of the breed in successive generations.

In recognition of their contributions to the breed, the VCA awards the Registry of Merit (ROM) Certificate to those Vizslas whose offspring reflect the breed’s character and purpose, as evidenced by the titles achieved.

ROM status is given to a sire who accomplishes the following:

  1. Produces progeny earning at least 36 titles points among them, but no fewer than 5 and no more than 12 progeny may qualify. To qualify, each progeny must earn either
    1. 3-point or higher title or
    2. any combination of two 2-point titles, except that no more than three progeny may so qualify
  2. Produces qualifying progeny in at least two of the four areas represented or one Versatility Certificate progeny. The four areas are conformation, field/hunting, obedience/rally/agility, and tracking.

ROM status is given to a dam who accomplishes the following:

  1. Produces progeny earning at least 24 title points among them, but no fewer than 5 and no more than 9 progeny may so qualify. To qualify, each progeny must earn either
    1. a 3-point or higher title or
    2. any combination of two 2-point titles, except that no more than three progeny may qualify
  2. Produces qualifying progeny in at least two of the four areas represented or one Versatility Certificate progeny. The four areas are conformation, field/hunting, obedience/rally/agility, and tracking.

General Guidelines & Tabulation

The ROM recognizes the dog or bitch who qualifies. Certificates are mailed to the name and address on the application. ROM credit is given for AKC titles earned in all areas of endeavor as well as the VCA Versatility Certificate program. Points for titles on each dog are added across from column to column but not vertically within the same column. For example, a dog with a UD earns 5 points, not the total for CD + CDX + UD. An FC or AFC earns 7 points, but an FC + AFC earn only 9 points because some of the amateur points count for both titles. The VC is worth 3 points if earned by versatility tests passed or 8 points if earned as CH + CD + SH in AKC competition. However, totaling the two for 11 points is not allowed. Dogs earning an NA and NAP may take only 3 points, not 2 points, for the NA and an additional 2 points for the NAP. In addition, triple champions accumulate points for CH + FC + OTCH. Dual champions earn points for CH + FC.
Applications must be filled out completely, including OFA numbers of sires and dams, and must be signed. Please attach copies of all documentation so it can be cross-referenced to the application. Once the information is verified, the ROM certificate will be sent. There is a $10 ROM fee for each dog of a VCA member. The fee for a dog belonging to a nonmember is $35. Checks should be made payable to the Vizsla Club of America, Inc. Applications received without an accompanying check will not be processed. If you have any questions or want a mailing address or phone number, please contact Karen Lake at

Download Registry of Merit list PDF
Download Registry of Merit Guidlines
Download Registry of Merit Application
Download Registry of Merit Point Schedule


ROM #PhotoName of DogOwner(s) of Dog
528GCHB CH Solaris N' Illusion Sweet Baby James JH BCAT CGC TKNBeth Kirven, Abbie Hanson, O’Malley McGee
527GCH CH Paradox Esterhazy Rose JHDr. Nancy Boggs Heinold
526CH Paradox Amazeen GloryDr. Nancy Boggs Heinold
525BISS BISOH GCH CH Cinnabar's Big Bang BN JH DN CGCSusan and Michael Marucci and Susan Potocik
524MBISS GCHB CH Rhapsody Pop N’ Circumstance DS TKNLeah and Aaron Davis, Michelle Porfido-DeLucia
523CH Lea's Western Wynds of Tok MHFran Mason, Bernadette Allison and Tad Waldon
522BISS GCHG CH Bayview N Opus One's La Forza Del Destoni JH CGCIda Kavafian and Steven Tenenbom, Lori Salb, Britt Jung and Lindsay Fetters
521BISS GCHB CH Solaris Scenic Byway JH BCAT CGC TKNBeth Kirven, Diane Lambrow, Laura and Tom Long
520MBISS RBIS GCHP CH Firelight Citius Altius Fortius at TrubluLaurel Medley & Karen Beckwith
519GCH CH Kizmar Hit and Run RI JH OA AXJ XF DCAT SWM SHDM RATO CGC TKAJamie Walton and Kathy Rust
518GCH CH Gambol JH FDC CGCA TKNTatum, Tanya and James Duvall, Mary Grant
517GCH CH Lea's Absolut Everybody Say Something! SHBernadette Allison and Britt Jung
516GCHS CH Regal Point Once Upon a Rainbow CGC TKNAriel, Sai and Kyle Jokai, Debbie Sullivan and Jayce Galvez
515MBISS GCHG CH Pagliacci Kizmar Wicked Suspense At Zenith JH RATN CGC TKNKaren & Steve Carnahan
514MBISS CH CMF Leitz Camera ActionChristina Freitag
513GCHS CH Rhapsody Dezertfyre Write Ur Stori CD BN RN CGCMike and Shelia Wald, Kryssi Torgeson, Michelle Porfido
512GCH CH Regal Point Monarch Butterfly JH CGC TKNStephen & Debbie Sullivan
511GCH DC AFC Alpine's Playing with Fire SH UT3Jessica Mackey La Londe, MD
510BISS GCHS CH Russet Leather Koa Scout BN RI FDC CGC TKIJim McClintock, Richard Graves and Beverley Wanjon
509GCH CH MACH Menny Azonnali Medal CD BN RE MH MXB MJS MFG T2B4 FCAT SCN DN CGCA CGCU TKI VCStephen & Debbie Sullivan, Patricia Rundell, Mallory Galatzer-Levy, Wendy Russell Jessica Vetter, Akemi Anderson & Sachiko Anderson
508N/AGCH CH Szizlin's They Call Me CitoriCarol B. & Bruce R. Phelps
507GCHB CH Solaris Banker Cold Hearted Woman CGC TKNBeth Kirven, O’Malley and Meredith McGee, and Paula Murphy
506BISS GCHB CH Mehagian-Tamaron's Sweet Sukiyaki of Sol BN RI RATNJanet Laman and Susan Shorb
505CH Bluewater’s Skyy’s the Limit at Cheswynd SHDeborah Broussard, Jan Fowler, Constance Ward
504CH Russet Leather Strmwnd La Dolce Vita JHMichelle Porfido-DeLucia and Jonathan DeLucia and Beverley Wanjon
503CH Widdershins Magickal Skye at Regal Point JH DSStephen & Debbie Sullivan, Patricia Rundell, Mallory Galatzer-Levy, Wendy Russell
502GCH CH Kelby Creek’s and Eastwind’s Over the Moon SHGale Shay, Jordan Shay, Mary Gaudio
501BISS GCH CH CT Kizmar Calibre Elite Expressionist VCD1 BN RM4 RAE3 TDU JH MX MXJ MFB T2B2 DCAT SWD SWM SIME SEME SHDM RATM CZ8G CGC TKAJamie Walton & Kathy Rust
500GCH CH Fawa Windrunner High Jinks JH AX AXJPam Williams & Rhoda Ezell
499CH Rhapsody Writer's BlockNikki Schmitz, Michelle Porfido
499CH Rhapsody Writer's BlockNikki Schmitz, Michelle Porfido
498BISS GCH CH Rhapsody Hit Me With UR Best Shot, JH CGC TKNGenine Enoksen and Michelle S. Porfido
497GCH CH Szizlin’s Goin’ for Gold BN RI CAA CGC TKN RATNLeAnna and Andrew Sternisha
496CH Anderson’s Smartie Pants RN JHDot Romano, Rachel Kelly, Ania Kelly and Nancy Anderson
495n/aGCHB CH Heelmark Shikari Chand Sifarish MHRitu Mihir, Andrew Campbell, Mallory Galatzer-Levy, and Graeme Burdon
494BISS GCH CH Rhapsody Kiss Kiss Bang Bang JHMichelle Porfido-DeLucia and Leah Davis
493MBISS GCHS CH Rhapsody Writing’s on the Wall RN SH NAJ CA DJ TDIMichelle Porfido-DeLucia and Jonathan DeLucia
492BIS MRBIS MBISS GCHG CH Solaris Playing Like Nobody’s Business RN BN JHJane and Steve Robbins, Beth Kirven
491GCH CH Renaissance Sheza Panther DivaLinda Durham and Michael Coppock
490GCHB CH Kizmar Pagliacci Really It Wasn't Me BN RA CGC TKN BN-V VSWBKathy Rust and Paul Hussa
489MBISS GCHG CH BerkCor's Wrecking CrewSusan & Berkeley Thompson
488BISS GCHB CH Red Diamond Dancing at the Plaza JHMichelle Rochester and Lauren House
487CH Bravo's Too Hot To Handle NAJColisha Schallock
486MBISS GCHG CH Comynara Tanner Is The Silver Lining Ride MH OA OAJ NF ACT2 TKNMary Grant, David Hertzel, Dr. Susan J. Mulley
485GCH DC AFC Mackey's Trail Blazing SitkaDr. Jessica Mackey, MD
484DC AFC Remek Valley Hunter Moondance MHPatricia Carney & Jean Matmor
483BISS GCHB CH Lea’s Silli Madar Kai Of Tok MHTad Walden, Randy Yaroch, Bernadette Allison & Britt Jung
482GCHB CH MACH Rustic Road's Rowdy Redhead CD BN RN MXG MJG OF T2B CAA CGCAWeston & Tamara Brown
481GCHG CH Aldebaran's Hear Me Ruairi JH CALaurel Medley & Janice Granda
480GCHS CH Renaissance Tambopata The Lion HeartedRoger & Jeanne Heilman, Linda Durham & Shelley Coburn
479GCH CH Sokoldalu'N'Tierah's Total Power Package CD BN RE JH OA AXJ CAA BCAT RATM CZ8B CGCA TKACarla & Ron Slabaugh & Sarah Smith-Falkner
478CH Koppertone’s Golden Stargazer JHMark & Bonnie Goodwein & Martha Williams
477GCH CH Berkcor's Juicy Little SecretSusan & Berkeley Thompson
476MACH Rheingold Erda Bella Donna JH MXB MJS MXP MJP CA CGCAKamila Kolb
475CH Lorac's Steel MagnoliaWalter & Carol Sommerfelt
474GCH CH Lorac's Devilish DivaWalter & Carol Sommerfelt
473GCH CH Lorac's Smoky Mountain Reign CGCPam & Barry Stanner, Walter & Carol Sommerfelt
472Lorac's Zippin PippinWalter, Carol & Julie Sommerfelt
471CH Lorac-Caldwell's Ole Miss RebelClaude & Carol Caldwell & Walter & Carol Sommerfelt
470GCHB CH Heelmark Aanya Raani MHRitu Mihir, Daniel Zilka, Andrew Campbell, Graeme Burdon & Ruth Sinclair-Stephens
469GCH CH Pursuit Of The Crown At Regal Point CD BN RN MH CGC TKNDebbie & Stephen Sullivan & Gail Fleming
468GCH CH Regal Point Dauntless Daredevil RN JH CGCColleen Conley & Debbie Sullivan
467L’Viv Kazakh FJDRR Skole / L’Vin Kazakh SkoleWarren Eizman
466GCH CH Kelby Creek’s Spirit Of Kilauea RN SHTom & Gale Shay
465MBISS GCHS CH Russet Leather Ride To The Top RN JH MX MXJ MJB NF T2B TKNMary Grant
464MBISS GCHS CH Aislinn's RR Elite Edition RN JH NAP OJP CA CGCA CGCU TKALindsay Fetters & Betty Rozanek
463BIS BISS CH Lady Jazzberry Of Brazenrock RN JH NA NAJDebbie Baker, Donna Yakell & Val Smith
462CH Regal Point Hippie Chick At LMGD JHStephen & Debbie Sullivan
461CH Lostcreeks Treasured Journey JHJen Miller & Wendy Kempfer
460GCH CH Stonepointe Final Voyage JH NAJen Miller
459DC AFC Melto's Freyja MHTania S. Campbell & Lori Salb
458GCHS CH Kyllburg N Gossamer's Some Like It HotLaurel C. Zepp
457GCH CH Solaris Marisol MHAbbie & Charles Hanson & Beth Kirven
456MBISS GCHB CH Mehagian's Amber-Eyed Sol RN JH RATN CGCJanet & Roger Laman & Susan Shorb
455BISS Am GCHB/ Intl CH Sassafras Play’N For Keeps CGCMelina, Richard & Emma Black
454GCH CH Solaris Sweet TartBeth Kirven, Abbie Hanson, Rachael Murphy & Kacie Davis
453GCH CH Zenith's Back AtchaKaren Carnahan, Donna & Robert Stein & Gayle Taber
452GCH CH Kizmar Calibre Super Combined BN RE JH OA AXJ XF BCAT RATM CGC TKPJamie Walton & Kathy Rust
451BIS MBISS GCHP CH Heelmark's Roop Tera Mastana SH CA CGCRitu Mihir, Daniel Zilka, Ruth Sinclair-Stephens & Graeme Burdon
450GCHG CH Briar N Suzu Hey You! Get Off My Cloud BN CGC TKNSusan Nakamura, Patricia Crowley & Eliza Lindsay
449GCH CH Moonlight's Rock'n Ow't RN JH CGCKaren Lake
448CH Panacea N Gossamer's Shine On Harvest Moon RN JHLaurel C. Zepp
447N/AGCH CH Cariad Elgin's Barna Medve CD RNEdwin Foster & Marion Coffman
446CH Magyar Delta Dezso JHNancy Boggs Heinold, DVM
445GCH CH Paradox Wild Hungarian Rose JHNancy Boggs Heinold, DVM
444GCH CH Everedi's Locked And Loaded MHLin J. Kozlowski & Jean Thomas
443N/ACH Kizmar Surfing Th'HalfpipeKathy Rust, Josh & Nicole Rudie
442CH Cameo's Spark Of Fire Mountain CD RN JH THD TKNJeff Olsen
441GCH CH Kizmar Fire N Ice UD RAE AX MXJSarah Ford & Kathy Rust
440N/AGCH CH Kizmar Stormwinds It Started With A Kiss JHKym Fisher & Kathy Rust
439DC AFC DryCreek's Tommy By TommyNancy Colwell, Robert Studer & Kathleen Boyd
438GCH CH Artisan Play It Again Pink AX AXJ NFPhilip & Kelly Park
437N/AKivalo Ajandek Ad Bajos RNJohn J. & Barbara G. Snyder
436N/ACH Skipfire N Pleasure's River Of Dreams SHMike Taylor, Jan Fowler & Janet Simer
435N/AGCHB CH Brazenrock Who’s That Girl JH CALinda M. & Fred F. Hachtel, Dianne Kramlich & Jenna Iacobellis
434N/A3xNGDC 2xNAFC DC AFC Crimson's Twenty Gauge Ruger SH CGCMark & Pam Spurgeon
433N/AGCH Boulder’s N Fusion’s Soul De Mi Corazon MHErica & Spenser Sparrow & Judy & Edj Hetkowski
432N/ACH Barben’s Shall We DanceAnn Keil
431N/ANFC NGDC FC AFC Lundy’s Red Bull CGCLaura Miller
430N/ABISS GCHB CH Kyllburg's Op1 Rocket's Red Glare JHAdrienne & Allen Freyer, Ida Kavafian & Steven Tenenbom & Carol Zurcher
429N/ACH HRQ Ask The Expert JHSusan & Steve Sibley
428N/AGCH CH Szizlin's Kiss Me Kate JHCarol B. & Bruce Phelps
427N/AMBIS NBISS MBISS GCH CH Artisan Grouse Point Pink Panther JHCorinne Miklos, Robin Bernstein, Joan Toepke & Sue Lonabaugh
426N/AMBISS GCHS CH HRQ Guess Who's In Trouble RN JH OA OAJ NFPColleen Meacham & Susan Sibley
425N/AGCHG CH Bluewater’s Fionn Mac Cumhaill Of Skipfire RELaurel Medley & Emily Cloudman
424N/AGCHB CH Kizmar Pagliacci Only Th'Wicked RN CGCKathy Rust & Paul Hussa
423N/ACH Kizmar Justice For AllCarole Lee Folsom
422N/ACH Jackpot Solstice JHVicki McGregor
421N/AGCHB CH Derby’s Pink Tie Affair At Grouse Point JHCorinne Miklos & Robin Bernstein
420N/ACH Regal Point Feelin’ Groovy JHStephen & Debbie Sullivan
419N/AGCHS CH Cinnabars Aldebaran EpiphanyDebra Jean & Alan Becker
418N/AGCH Rhapsody For Your Eyes Only JHMichelle S. Porfido & Yelena Kourtei
417N/AMBISS GCHP Szizlin Rhapsody Never Say Never JH CAMichelle S. Porfido & Carol Phelps
416N/ACan/Am BISS GCH Szizlin's They Call Me BondMichelle S. Porfido
415N/ANAFC DC NGDC AFC JB’s Asker Bout Birds MHJoanne Beckley
414N/ADC AFC GCH Zydeco’s First You Make A Roux MHAshley & Chip Uffman
413N/AGCH Plaza's Save The Last Dance JHDonnell Scott
412Solaris Diamond Dogs JHBeth Kirven & Abbie Hanson
411N/ACH Jakra's Survivin Th' Journey CDX RA JH AX AXJMelissa & Jeff Lembke
410N/AGCH CH Lyons N Penlee’s Essence At Panacea JHMelissa & Jeff Lembke
409GCH CH Solaris Sex On The BeachBeth Kirven, Rachael Murphy & Bruce Floystad
408N/AGCHS CH Kelby Creek's Cleopatra SeleneMary L. Gaudio
407N/AMBISS GCHG Am/Can/ Intl CH Dezertfyre’s Captain’s First Mate CDX RE JH OA AXJ NF RATN CGCACarla & Ron Slabaugh
406N/AGCH CH Ky's CJ Watch'N Me Wynn JHThecla Tyner
405N/AGCHB CH JNEK's Landslide JHKathy & Jeff Engelsman & Christine Schaberg
404N/ACH JNEK's Red Burning EmberSarah Ennis, Kathy Engelsman & Christine Schaberg
403N/AGCH CH Brittania N Bayview's Ida OneLori Salb, Britt Jung, Lindsay Fetters & Ida Kavafian
402N/ADC AFC Broadruns Tornado At Winddance JHCarole & Phil Stout
401N/AGCH CH Szizlin Autumn's Joy Kaya Happy Tails JHAlice Chaikin
400N/ACH Ciganyoz Dark N StormyLaurel Zepp
399N/AGCH CH Fawa-Wr Mission Voyager RE NAPRhoda T. Ezell & Pam Williams
398N/ABISS GCHS CH Renaissance Kiss’s Casanova JHGreg & Dennise Dutson & Linda Durham
397N/AGCH CH Cruiser’s My Little Darlin’Jill Hoffbeck
396N/AGCH CH Cruiser’s Notjusta Prty Face BN RN JHJill Hoffbeck & Bailey Hearn
395N/ACH Kateland Cruiser's TrishaJim Moller
394N/ACH Grouse Pt Semper Fi BougainvilleTerry Lucas & Corinne Miklos
393N/AGCH Szizlin Ripley's New York GrooveMeryl & Bill Fiedelman
392N/ABISS GCH CH Kizmar Gentleman Dash On Ice JHAKathy Rust & Lois Almendinger
391N/ABISS GCH CH Wingsonggrousebend Storminbrigade RN JHLisa Carpenter & Diane Fazio
390N/AJaseni's Rubinvoros RNSusan Muir
389N/AGCH CH Brittania's Absolut Finest MH AX OAJ CGCBernadette Allison & Britt Jung
388N/ACH Heelmark’s Rockn Rhythm JHRuth E. Sinclair-Stephens
387N/AGCH CH Renaissance Girls Gone Wild JHLinda & George Durham
386N/ACH Renaissance Passionate KissesLinda & George Durham
385N/ABitteroots Ich Liebe Dich JHPaul Jay & Janet Bernhardt
384N/AGCH Red Diamond Chaos UnleashedMichelle Rochester & Erin Piercy
383N/ACH April Storm's Madison RN JHSusan Rushing & Deborah Verret
382N/AGCH CH Vizcaya's Firelight Phantasy THD CGCKaren Beckwith & Nancy Edmunds
381N/ACH Kizmar Premonition Of Th' KissKirsten Davis & Kathy Rust
380N/AGCH Can/Am CH Captivatin Ain'T He A Knockow'tRachel Romano Kelly & Ania Kelly
379N/ABISS GCH CH Artisan’s Vladimir The ImperialMartha Spoor & Joan Z. Toepke
378N/ACH Sunnyside Dawn's KaleidoscopeCathy Gallagher & Sharon Misiak
377N/ASunnyside Dawn's Charisma JHCathy Gallagher
376N/ACH Snowridge Rundevu At Red Oak MHDiane Fazio & Laura Bauman
375N/AGCH DC AFC Grousebend's Dago Red MHADiane & Bill Fazio
374N/ACH Kizmar Gj Kiss'M All McClain UDX2 OM3 VERSandy Kimmerle
373N/AMBISS Gold GCH CH Jen’s Penny Matra Baci’s Boogie FeverNancy Guarascio, Marnie Stratford & Linda Durham
372N/ACH Gossamer's RubiconLaurel Zepp
371N/ADC Barben’s Absolut MartiniBarbara Zahn
370N/ABIS MRBIS 2XNBIS 27XBISS GCHP CH Regal Point Pinnacle of Kilauea JH CGCSandra Middlebrooks, Deborah Verret, Susan Rushing & Debbie Sullivan
369N/AFC AFC Raany SHJames Busch
368N/AGCH CH Kelby Creek's Rosetta AlmondineMary Gaudio
367N/ACH Szikra Sport’n Sensation JHSheila Denzler
366N/ACH Jackpot's Going Going Gone UDX OM1 JH MX MXJWill Dede & Vicki McGregor
365N/AGCH DC AFC Snowridge Gunfire Flynn MH CGCSteve & Roseanne Whitney
364N/ACH JNEK's Joplin JHKathy & Jeff Engelsman & Christine Engelsman
363N/AGCH Can/Am CH Poquito's Oro Jag In Pursuit RN JH OA OAJ XFGail Fleming
362N/ACH Keystone Clozing Thyme At Red River JHHolly Hatfield
361N/ACH Mtnpride Minnie's Amazin' Grace CD RAE MH CGC VCCatherine A. Richards
360N/ACH Everwhen Regal Point Nikita CD RNStephen & Debbie Sullivan, & Judith Richey
359N/ACH Poquito’s Regalpoint Rubi Tiara CD RN JH NAJ NJPStephen & Debbie Sullivan, Deborah Duty & Melissa Thomas
358N/AGCH DC Lagniappe's Chosen One MHPaul & Jennifer Hermes
357N/ABISS GCH CH Pagliacci Kizmar Wicked BrewPaul Hussa & Kathy Rust
356N/ACH Barben’s Invasion of Privacy JHTrish Burdin & Karen Buerki
355N/ACH Zenith's Suspense ThrillerKaren & Steve Carnahan & Cindy James Moore
354N/ACH Zenith's By The Same TokenKaren & Steve Carnahan
353N/ABroad Run Blaze JHMichelle & Patrick Dowd
352N/ACH Prairie’s Cobalt Blue VCD1 JH AXJ OJPJulie Sjullie-Drmolka
351N/ACH Boulder's Cassiopeia Rising RE JH OA OAJ OAP AJP OF OFP CGCSheryl Hohle & Judy & Edj Hetkowski
350N/ATC AFC Red Oak Totem From Snowridge MH MXS MJS OFJanet P. Wallace, Ph.D.
349N/ACH Opus One Diva Of KyllburgAdrienne & Allen Freyer, Ida Kavafian & Steven Tenenbom
348N/ACH Tamaron Okos Piros Csillag CD RN JH CGCKaren Lake & T & L Westerbeck
347N/ABISS GCH CH Tivoliz Now Pay Attention CD RN MH AX AXJ VC TDISusan & Steve Sibley
346N/ACH Kezdet's Warrior Whisper SHBarry Golob & Judy Saddlemire
345N/ACH Sugar Kokeny RN TD JH CGCJudy Campbell
344N/ACH Skipfire’s Reason To Believe JHMike Taylor & Jan Fowler
343N/ADC Lagniappe Roux MHAshley & Chip Uffman
342N/AGCH DC Boulder's N Fusion's Power Trip MHJudy & Edj Hetkowski, Mel Reveles & Aaron Davis
341N/ADC AFC Bitteroot Semper Fi CutterClinton & Valerie Sails
340N/AGCH DC AFC Remek's Red Storm RisingKenneth S. & Lauren J. Wonnell
339N/AGCH CH Renaissance Kiss Me If You Dare RN CGCKathy Rust
338N/AGCH CH Kizmar Ice Potion RN JH AX OAJKathy Rust & Paul Hussa
337N/ACH Jazzberry Say You Say MeJenna Iacobellis, Karen Iacobellis & Debbie Baker
336N/AGCH CH Paradox Glorybound Brok RN JHDr. Nancy Heinold
335N/ACH Avalon's Classic Alliance CD RN JH NA OAJJoyce & Tracy Tischler
334N/ACH Cporfld N Matra's American PrideJennifer Woodside
333N/ACH Usa Bound Of Szep-Allat JHDr. Nancy Heinold
332N/ADC AFC Paradox Remarqueable JakeDrs. Nancy & David Heinold
331N/ACH Paradox Final Answer MHDr. Nancy Heinold & Linda Rogers
330N/AGCH CH Winddance Field Of Dreams JHCarole & Phil Stout
329GCH CH Solaris Donna ElviraBeth Kirven, Abbie Hanson, Rachael Murphy & Kacie Davis
328N/ACH Brazenrock Vidam Tars Vadasz JHChris Frazier, Dianne Kramlich & Judy Johnson
327N/ACH Szizlin's MZ Ki Vious JHLaurie Andrews & Loretta Gleason
326N/ACH Annian's Special Op Sally SHIan A. Towne & Suzanne M. Towne
325N/AGCH DC Annian's Great Explorer JHSuzanne M. Towne
324N/AGCH CH Akela's Pride Of The Mtns Kezza RA SH CGCCatherine A. Richards & Jessica Frentz
323N/ABISS CH Copper Creek Toscanini's GSM MHStephen Hanna & Heijin Hanna
322N/AGCH CH Legacy's Spirit Of The HeartDiane Shearer, Cynthia Stahle & Greg Gollick
321N/ACH Elgin Cariad Fear NothingEdwin Foster Jr. & Marion I. Coffman
320N/ACH Koppertone's Redd LilacMark & Bonnie Goodwein & Sidney & Alyson Lyons
319N/ACH Koppertone's Bo Our NooreetMark Goodwein & Al & Karen Bates
318N/ACH Koppertone's California Dreamin'Mark & Bonnie Goodwein, Alyson Lyons & Debi Oakley
317N/ACH KaraJen's Put Me In, Coach CGC CAJenna Iacobellis
316N/ACH Paudons Highlander CD RA AX AXJDeborah Duty Palin
315N/ACH Deep End's Hazel Mogyi JHSusan Nakamura & Crystal Ashe
314N/ACH Poquito's Tiara De La Vida JH NA OAJDebbie Sullivan & Judy Richey
313N/ACH Valleyhunter What The Haley MHMarie Brumbaugh & David Brumbaugh
312N/ACH Jazzan Eloise Of The NY PlazaDonell M. Scott
311N/ABISS CH Prairie HeartsongJan Cox & Fara Bushnell
310N/ACH Lyon's Pride JHJoy Lyons
309N/ABISS AFC CH Comynara Celtic Red Oak MHLaura Bauman & Susan Mulley
308N/ABISS DC AFC Red Oak's Stormin Norman MHLaura Bauman & Vaughan Bauman
307N/ABISS CH Lagniappe Sir Ruger Huntmore JHAlan & Rene Blakemore
306N/ADC Fieldstone's Remington Ammo MHAlan & Rene Blakemore
305N/AEli's Akela Dragam CD RAE MH OA OAP OAJ OJP VCCatherine A. Richards
304N/ACH Grouspt Semprfi VorosakapinkMark & Joan Toepke
303N/ACH Banker's Special Brew MHDeborah Lynn Stern
302N/AAm/Intl CH Skipfire's Street Fighting Man SHMike Taylor & Jan Fowler
301N/AFC Kazaryan's Ginger Mehagian MH VC CGCMarge Mehagian & John Van Denburgh
300BISS GCH CH Russet Leather Boulder's Wild Tok MHTad Walden, Carol Dostal Keller, Judy & Edj Hetowski
299N/ACH Lyons Rusty Dory JHConstance Ward & Melinda Robinson
298N/ACH Bayview's TradewindLindsay Fetters
297N/ACH Vizion's Red Jade CGCGwen Tomlinson
296N/ACH Szizlin's Sail On Sail On Vela JHCarol B. & Bruce R. Phelps
295N/ACH Szizlin's Hold Yer FireBruce R & Carol B Phelps
294N/ACH Olde Ridge Soar'n Pfalcon's Hudson JHRichard Bennington & Henry Grant
293N/ACH Windrunner's Fawa Fiery Salsa RNRhoda T. Ezell & Pam Williams
292N/ADC AFC Valleyhunter Vermilion Grant CD MHDr. Edward & Adele Neupert
291N/ACH Dynata's Bound To Know It All MH NAJLaurie Fairchild
290N/AIntl BIS/Am BISS CH Pirok Tegla MHRoy & Mary Sanford
289N/ACH Snow Ridge Chief's Spirit Moon JHKenneth S. & Lauren J. Wonnell
288N/ACH Renaissance Step Aside BoysLinda & George Durham
287N/ACH Renaissance Gift of GraceLinda & George Durham
286N/ABIS BISS GCH Renaissance Lord Of Th' Dance SH VCLinda & George Durham
285N/ACH Szizlin's Ain't She Command'n JHCarol B & Bruce R Phelps
284N/ACH Kizmar Touch of EvilKathy Rust & Joan Winkler
283N/ACH Opus One Featuring Indie JH NAOAJBritt Jung, Ida Kavafian & Steve Tenenbom
282N/ABIS BISS CH Tamaron's Red Diamond JHMichelle Rochester, Erin Piercy & T & L Westerbeck
281N/ACH Boulder's Power Of Persuasion MH CD RE VCJudy & Edward Hetkowski, Imelda Reveles & Aaron Davis
280N/ACH Koppertone Sofisticat'd JazzMark & Bonnie Goodwein
279N/ACH ReMark's RU Gonna Go My Way JHRebecca & Mark Smith & Andrew Mielke
278N/AElgin's Sarah RhiannonEdwin Foster, Jr.
277N/AAFC CH Red Oak's Cool Hand Luke MNDiane White-Fazio
276N/ACH Mehagian's Sizzl'n Hot-N-Spicy VC CGC CD MHJohn Karis & Donna Coulter-Karis
275N/ACH Mehagian's Aka Tori Inu VC CGC CD MHDonna Coulter-Karis
274N/ACH Bajnok Dances With Falcons JHFrank & Martha Lacko & F.R. Bernier
273N/ACH Opus One Lena Of DunantulKaren Walker, Ida Kavafian & Steven Tenenbom
272N/ACH Vallyhntrs Natural Selection JHJean Matmor & Adele Neupert
271N/ACH Jakra's Vivid Encore JHDebra Pedersen & Jak Koch
270N/ACH Skipfire's Shannon Echo JH NA OAJMike Taylor, Jan Fowler & Lindsay Fetters
269N/ACH Kizmar Pagliacci Simply WitchyPaul Hussa & Kathy Rust
268N/ACH Chips Little Miss Hidee MHSteve & Michelle Artis
267N/ADC AFC Chips Bonny Lass SHSteve & Michelle Artis
266N/ANAFC DC AFC Wildwood's Back With Zack MH VCDennis T. Keeton
265N/ABIS BISS CH Russet Leather Warrior's Mark JHBeverley Wanjon & Seal Samuels
264N/ACH Rozsa Es Tokay Kamarazene CDLinda Lantz & Linda McKee
263N/ACH Reilloc's Everedi Blazin' Star MHLin J. Kozlowski & Linda L. Collier
262N/ABISS Am/Japan/Intl CH Vasara's One For The Kipper JHSusan Straughan Carse
261N/ABISS CH Kizmar Fabulous FridayKathy Rust & Susan Lynch
260N/ACH Jackpot's Alrighty CDVicki & Shannon McGregor
259N/ACH Brenvilla's All Jazzed UpTracey Watson & Beverley Wanjon
258N/AIntl Am. CH Zoltan Voros Vadasz JHEvelyn M. Hilbert
257N/ACH Varazs Sara's Full of Grace MHPam Lambros
256N/ACH Gretl Von Tatbanya CDValerie S. Piper
255N/ABISS CH Mar-Ed's He Knoz the Web NA NAJMargaret & Ed Schaefer
254N/ACH Debreceny DezsoGary Carpenter
253N/ACH JNEK's Sweet Charity JHKathy, Jeff & Christine Engelsman
252N/ACH JNEK's Royal Elegance JHKathy, Jeff & Christine Engelsman
251N/ACH JNEK's Little Miss Swing Kat JHKathy, Jeff & Christine Engelsman
250N/ACH New Dawn's Blue Sky CDX JH RAVirginia M. & John Tierney
249N/ACH Boshar's Chase The Clouds CD JHSharon Schroader & Sherry Klein
248N/ADC AFC Copperfield's High Roller SHEd Kottmeier
247N/ACH Mehagian’s Havana Sunset JH VC CGCMarge Mehagian
246N/ADC Arsla And Auburn's Sunny Boy MHLois A. & Anthony R. Smid
245N/ABISS CH Dorratz Holiday At Edenvale UD JH MX MXJNancy Schmitt & Donna DeFilippis
244N/ACH Koppertone Hail To The ChiefEdwin Foster Jr. & Mark Goodwein
243N/ACH Sun Meadow's BudapestLeah & Mark Clayton
242N/ABVIS BISS CH Rosewood's Sweet Revenge CDEdwin Foster Jr.
241N/ACH Zenith's Annie Get My Gun CDX JH AX AXJ NAPSuzanne M. Towne
240N/ACH Bajos Kis Sarga Barat Tate CD NA NAJJohn J. & Barbara G. Snyder
239N/ACH Jaybar's Lonestar Legacy JHRita Mather
238N/ACH Egri Elegans JHMary A. Rathbun
237N/ACH Opus One Lady Sang The BluesIda Kavafian & Steven Tenebom
236N/ADC Valleyhunter Limited Edition SHPat Carney & Jean Matmor
235N/ACH Valley Hunter's Storm Chaser JHJean Matmor
234N/ACH Copper Creek's CV's Whoanel’e JHPatsy & Robert Dahlinghaus
233N/AAm/Can CH Jazzan Rusty Dusty BluesDonell M. Scott
232N/ACH Cameo's Bound And Determined SH CD NA NAJ VCLaurie Fairchild
231N/ACH Bayview N Tivoliz Cpr Crk Ben JHLori Salb
230N/ACH Legacy's Chasing A Dream JHDiane Shearer
229N/ACH Szizlin Dillon Jackies Red JHJackie & Edward McAuliffe
228N/ACH Penlee Constant Commotion SHBetty Anderson & William Bystrom, DVM
227N/AAm/Can CH Mehagian Grouspt SF Veracruz JHMarge Mehagian
226N/ACH Valleyhunter's Valhalla CD MH VCStephanie Kleinman & Jean Matmor
225N/ACH Valleyhunter Special Envoy CD SH VCStephanie Kleinman & Jean Matmor
224N/ACH Rosewoods Magic Touch JHSusan A. Kaye
223N/ARosewood's Added ExpenseDavid & Sandra Smith
222N/ACH Russet Leather Caveat ChehiaKathy Rust, Diana Jones & Beverley Wanjon
221N/ABISS DC/AFC Triad's Dry Martini CD MH VC CGC TDIKathryn G. Pullen & Joseph W. Bunk
220N/ALakeside Tizzie Whiz-Bang MHGeorge R. Noren
219N/ANAFC FC AFC Triad's Keepsake Of Oakleaf MHLinda Kelly
218N/ACH Prairie's Twilight CoveyLuellen Hart
217N/ACH Valley Hunter's Penny Lane SH VCGlen Saucier & Elizabeth Chandler
216N/ACH Vizion Of Russet Dawn CD JH AX OAJ RNVirginia & John Tierney
215N/ADC AFC Valley Hunters Devine Penlee CDX RE MH MX MXJ VCLisa Durham & Jean Matmor
214N/AAm/Intl CH Pearl's Summer HolidayLeah & Mark Clayton
213N/ACH Reilloc's Ramblin' Wild Rose SH NA NAJ OAP AJPLinda L. Collier
212N/AReilloc's Sunny Daze SHJoseph M. & Linda L. Collier
211N/ACH Reilloc's Sage MHLinda L. Collier
210N/ACH Paradox Reilloc's Ricochet CDX SHDr. Linda L. Collier & Dr. Nancy Heinold
209N/AReilloc's Tyke CDX TDLinda L. Collier
208N/ACH Bon's Golden Boy K.O. JHBonnie C. Kruger
207N/ACH Szizlin K Of HolidayNarda (Garner) Smith
206N/ACH Shoal Creek Verity MHElizabeth Sherman & Joseph F. Mitchell
205N/ACH Patapsco Solar Flare CDX SH OA NAJ VCBarbara Forrest Glass
204N/ACH Kizmar Morgan Le Faye CD JH VCChris Frazier, Judy Johnson & Dianne Kramlich
203N/ACH Polar Kap's Rosie Vizion CDGwen Tomlinson & Kathy Harmer
202N/ACH Auburn's Krackerjack KonnorFlorence & Peter Duggan
201N/ACH Oakleaf's Rebel Rouser ImagePaul & LaDona Lange
200N/ACH Tsavo's Everedi Hot Shot MHLin J. Kozlowski
199N/ACH Russet Leather Sacajawea SH MX MXJJamie Walton, Carol Dostal & Beverley Wanjon
198N/ACH Copper Creek's Majestic Gent JH NADaina Sander, Susan Harrison & Larry Berg
197N/ABISS CH Dirigo Tailor-Made CDX JH MX AXJ NAP NJPDebra Loomis
196N/ACH Priden Joy Lady Mareesa OA AXJJoy Sonsalla & Bill Quandt
195N/ACH Vizion's Dawn At SunnysideSharon & Carl Misiak
194N/ACH Voros Vadasz Remy BaratEvelyn & John Dace
193N/ADC AFC Rebel Rouser N Linden Cyote SHDennis T. & Donald E. Keeton
192N/ACH Poquito Chile Si Si Season CDX RE JH OA OAJJanet Nuzzo, Maria Zucconi & Melissa Thomas
191N/ACH High-Brass Raspberry Ripple CD JH VCMarge Mehagian
190N/ACH Egri Edes LilaMary A Rathbun
189N/ACH Dirigo Gambler’s MarkerSuzanne & Larry Gray
188N/ACH Titan's League Of Her Own CD JH OA AXJPeggy Schmidt
187N/ACH Sojourn's My Third GingerLinda P. Langley
186N/ACH Kallmee Gyemant AriNancy Edmunds & Susan Thibodeaux
185N/ACH Mehagian's Indiana Jones CD JH VCMarge Mehagian
184N/ACH Bitteroot's Bittersweet Belle JHPaul "Jay" Bernhardt
183N/ACH Legacy's Wild Heart JHDiane Shearer & Greg Gollick
182N/ACH Legacy's Starshine JHDiane Shearer
181N/ACH Legacy's Magic TimeDiane Shearer & Greg Gollick
180N/ACH Brenvilla's Phoebe of Rajki JHMichelle Jacobson
179N/AAm/Can CH Szizlin's Ain't Gonna Stop Her JHCarol B & Bruce R. Phelps
178N/ACH Surfstone Island MaiaLinda Lantz & Linda McKee
177N/ACH Sandy Acre’s Russet ChiefCarol & Robert Zuercher
176N/ACH Bowcot Pekogait One Man Band MH NA NAJKim & Saul Himmelfarb
175N/ACH Firebrand's Molly FollyBritt & Cathie Jung
174N/ACH Caveat's Copperfield Electra JHEd & Cathy Kottmeier
173N/ABISS CH Russet Leather Red Cloud IIPaul Palkovic, Maureen Faulkner, Adrian & Beverley Wanjon
172N/ACH Boshar's Brett Kedves Vadzsz CD JHSharon Schroader & Connie Morris
171N/ACH Egri I Like Ike CDX MH AX OAJ VCDr. Edward & Adele Neupert
170N/ACH Rivercity's Boulder M. KiptanuiJudy & Edward Hetkowski
169N/ACH Windrunner's Sentamental Journey NAJCherry & Pam Williams
168N/ACH Cariad's Surfstone SzukaMarion Coffman & Paul E. Gornosky
167N/ACH Voros Vadasz Jolan Czuki JH NAEvelyn M. Hilbert
166N/ADC AFC Behi Red ChiefSusan & Randy Boggs
165N/ACH Rivercity's High Dollar Hobby JHJohn & Terri Mankins
164N/ACH Boelte's Manhattan Marquis CD JHRon & Sharon Hershberger
163N/AFC AFC Desert Storm Brandi Roselle JHBarry D. & Lynn L. Peterson
162N/AAm/Can CH Nyircsaszari Edes Fiu JH CGCDr. Sylvia J. Kerr & Nancy Liebes
161N/ABISS DC AFC Mar-Ed's Ask'm He Knoz SH VCMargaret & Ed Schaefer
160N/ACH Russet Leather Kitty Hawk JHSusan Straughan
159N/AFC AFC 2xnfc Fieldway's Jack DanielsCarol Vitato
158N/ACH Gold Run's Velvet Vixen JHLeslie J. Vallerga
157N/ACH Caveat Revelation Cal-Boy CD SH VC CGCRichard & Mickey Althouse
156N/ACH Jnek's King Ralph JHChristine, Kathy & Jeff Engelsman
155N/ACH Szizlin’s Soar ‘N Pfalcon JHCarol B. & Bruce R. Phelps
154N/ABISS Am/Can CH Copper Creek Szizlin Kestrel JHCarol B. & Bruce R. Phelps
153N/ACH Vizion's Karmel KizzGwen & Larry Tomlinson
152N/ACH Opus One's Tara Of Happy TailsAlice Chaikin, Steven Tenebom & Ida Kavafian
151N/ACH Brandenburg Concerto Opus OneSteven Tenenbom, Ida Kavafian, Nica Lyons & Anne Denehy
150N/ACH Lyons Madison Of Skipfire JH CDMike Taylor, Jan Fowler & Joy Lyons
149N/ACH Harann's Arabesque Opus OneSteven Tenenbom, Ida Kavafian & Nica Lyons
148N/ACH Viva Backwood's First Noel JHMary A Rathbun & Mary Ann Smart
147N/ACH Ozark Prairie KeepsakeLuellen Hart
146N/ACH Vizion's Blue Buoy CDX TDGreg & Julie Sjullie
145N/ACH Heelmark's Dontcha N'DeavorRuth E. Sinclair & Robert H. Sinclair
144N/ACH Dorratz Stella By StarlightDonna Defilippis & Doris Ratzlaff
143N/A Intl & Am CH Voros Vadasz Cyrus Barat SH CGCRobert & Kirsten Schick & Evelyn Hilbert
142N/ACH Sansouci Csuda Vadasz CDX MH VC CGCLinda & Brian Pruitt
141N/ACH Coffee's Moonstone Ramsey CDX MH VCKaren L. Coffee
140N/ACH Maxfield's Bonnie By BooneGordon & Lois Maxfield
139N/ACH Nikki's Magic Feather Cloud JHDan Crawford
138N/ACH Quantum Abbey-Dabbey-Do SHJeff & Kathy Engelsman
137N/ACH Sippican Upwind Gold Batea JH VCElizabeth Deforest & Wendy Russell
136N/ACH Lyons Strike Gold CDXJoy Lyons
135N/ACH Csardas Classy SassyMarian Sears, Nancy Colwell & Robert Studer
134N/ACH Nyircsaszari Cseresznye JHDr. Sylvia J. Kerr & Nancy Liebes
133N/ACH Waggsworth's Roxy Belle JHJoy Sonsalla & Bill Quandt
132N/ACH Kizmar Caveat Spellbound JH NAKathy Rust & Joan Winkler
131N/AAFC CH Boumans Against The Wind MH CD NA VC CGCMark & Rebecca Smith
130N/ACH Willo Runn's Red BaronDorothea Romano & Ralph Dorsogna
129N/ACH Willo Runn's Bearly A Whisper CDDorothea Romano & Ralph Dorsogna
128N/ACH Poquito's Chile Buena Vida UD SH OA NAJ VCHarold Zucconi & Maria Zucconi
127N/ACH Rivercity's Quenton CassidyJudy & Edward Hetkowski
126N/ACH Nyircsaszari Draga JHDr. Sylvia J. Kerr
125N/AVinmars Roll Of The Die JHDonald D. Brown
124N/ACH Rebel Rouser Louise JHKathy Rust & Betty Rozanek
123N/ACH Titan's Red Sky At Night CDX CGCPeggy Schmidt
122N/ABoelte's Branta Of RivercityWillis G. Snyder & Pat & John Boelte
121N/ACH Dorratz Dejavous UD JHRussell & Donna Defilippis & Doris Ratzlaff
120N/ACH Dorratz Bebop At Birdland CD JHRussell & Donna Defilippis
119N/ACH Csardas Starlight Dancer JHMarian Sears
118N/ADC AFC Lakeside Luke Skywalker MHGeorge R. Noren & John Parod
117N/ACH Russet Leather Indian GiverAdrian & Beverley Wanjon
116N/ACH Rivercity's Autumn WhisperJohn & Terri Mankins
115N/ACH Upwind & Mehagian's Promise JHMarge Mehagian
114N/ACH Karam Kari Of RotkopfMichele Coburn & Barbara Stephenson
113N/ACH Piper Barben's Buttons 'N BeauxBen & Barbara Zahn & Valerie Piper
112N/ACH Barben's Wishing For DiamondsBarbara & Ben Zahn
111N/ACH Winsong's Janos Voros Vadasz JHEvelyn M. Hilbert
110N/ACH Ramblin RedAllen & Joan Holth & S. & N. Hauser
109N/ACH Copper Creek's Abbey Road JHCarol Vola
108N/ACH Russet Leather Caveat Kiowa JHDiane Jones & Beverley A. Wanjon
107N/ACH Arnell Splendid Arrangement CDXDiana Jones & Gail Thornell
106N/ACH Matra's Never Ending Story JH CGCKirsten & Robert Schick
105N/ACH Vinmar-N-Brylynns Just Brook SHLinda Promaulayko, Sue Gabriel & P. Crowley
104N/ACH Doc's Elso Lany MariahNancy & Kuramichi Keiser
103N/ACH Miska's Szivi Voros Vadasz CD SH VCNancy Jones
102N/ADC Oakleaf's Everwhen Chances R CD MH NA VCJudith Richey
101N/ACH Kopertone Gold Empirs LegacyLinda & George Durham
100N/ACH Maxfield Sansouci Jilli Bean JH CDLinda & Brian Pruitt
99N/ACH Penlee's Leader Of The Band JHKim & Saul Himmelfarb
98N/ACH Glenogen's Gift Of Gold CDValerie Smith
97N/ACH Bayview's SummerwindLori Salb
96N/AAm/Can CH Dirigo Saturdays DaydreamerLori Salb
95N/ACH Bajos Kedves Lanyka Vala CDJohn J. & Barbara G. Snyder
94N/ACH Emerald Legacy's Prime Time SHGreg Gollick & Diane Shearer
93N/ACH Sagi's Misty Bey Of BethwoodGreg Gollick & Diane Shearer
92N/ACH Koppertone Aero Kalypso CDXMarion Coffman
91N/ACH Dorratz Diamond JimMarion Coffman
90N/ACH Cariad's Pride N JoyMarion Coffman
89N/ACH Taunee's Loki Santana CDMarion Coffman
88N/ACH Glen Cottage Loki Barat CDXMarion Coffman
87N/ACH Koppertone's Cariad Baratom CDMarion Coffman & M. & B. Goodwein
86N/AAm/Can CH Kizmar Caveat Only Th' Lonely CD JH OA OAJ CAN CDKathy Rust & Karen Hooks, DVM
85N/ACH Lyon's Showdown By Jakra CD SHJak Koch
84N/ACH Boshar's Zsa Zsa Of Glen HillSherry & John Klein
83N/ACH Lyons Sunridge HolidayJoy Lyons
82N/ACH Voros Vadasz Annuska Leany JHEvelyn M. Hilbert
81N/ACH Titan's Encore CDPeggy Schmidt
80N/ACH Kezdet's Kis Magyar Leany CDJohn & Barbara G. Snyder
79N/ACH Classic Barry BakanalMarcia K. Folley
78N/ABISS CH Cariad's Classic MariahMarcia K. Folley
77N/ACH Lyons Fancy FiremarkJ.W. Lyons & Joy Lyons
76N/ACH Szizlin's Ain't She Mesmeriz'n JHCarol B. & Bruce R. Phelps
75N/ACH Cariad's Cricket 'Nak HivnakMark & Bonnie Goodwein & Carol Parker
74N/AFC Mehagian Krc's Penni Paloma VCMarge Mehagian
73N/ACH AFC Hodag's Kirby CD MH VCRaymond J. Mealy
72N/ACH Redfield's Sun Kist VizionGwen Tomlinson
71N/ACH Zenith's Red Sky At Morning UDJennifer Phillips
70N/ACH Glennora Got Th' RhythmLinda Promaulayko & Leslie Romaine
69N/ACH Brylynn's Solitary MacshayneLinda Promaulayko
68N/ACH Barben's Standing OvationBarbara & Ben Zahn
67N/ACH Barben's Peppermint Pattie JHBen & Barbara Zahn
66N/ACH Miklos Bey Of BethwoodMike & Barbara Zahn
65N/ACH Firebrand's Sunny RebeccaBen & Michael Zahn
64N/ACH Heelmarks Aint She Command'n JHCarol B. & Bruce R. Phelps
63N/AWinsong's Absolute JoyRichard M. & Beverly J. Goldberg
62N/ACH Mehagian's Prize Package JH VC CGCMarge Mehagian
61N/ACH Mehagian's Kis LanyJohn & Marge Mehagian
60N/ACH Watasha Of Sandor BaratMarge Mehagian
59N/ACH Sandor Barat HofJohn & Marge Mehagian
58N/ANFC DC AFC Hodag's Hunter UDX MH VCJack Sharkey
57N/ACH Ridgewood's Whisp'r Valey Zena CDXKaren Carnahan
56N/ACH Gabriella Voros VadaszEvelyn M. Hilbert
54N/ACH Surfstone Jaybren's SzeppeJean M. Brennan
53N/ACH Matchpoint's KC Coffee UDX MH VCKaren L. Coffee
52N/ACH Oakleaf's Rebel Rouser Ruby JHLinda Kelly
51N/ABehi Csecse Raketa CDDrs Nancy & David Heinhold
50N/AFC AFC Behi Csecse CsinyBernard C. & Hilda R. Boggs
49N/ACH Nyircsaszari Arany Erzsike CDX JHDr. Sylvia J. Kerr
48N/ACH Surfstone Poquito Picante UD JH NAMaria Zucconi & Harold Zucconi
47N/ACH Sandyacre Poquito Chile Bean UDX MH VCMaria Zucconi & Harold Zucconi
46N/ACH Penlee Constant ChaosBetty Anderson
45N/AAm/Can CH Panderre's Rozsdas Csilag MH VC CGCFrank Kriger
44N/ACH Brance N Magic's Agn’st All OddsMary Beth & Bruce Rusin
43N/ACH Winsong's Gold Nugget SHRichard M. & Beverly J. Goldberg
42N/ACH Amberway Forty KaratsCarol Dickerson
41N/ACH Russet Leather Caveat CallaKathy Rust, Diana Jones & Karen Hooks, DVM
40N/ACH Pillango Voros Vadasz CD JHPoe Asher & Evelyn Hilbert
39N/ACH Seredi BoriPaul & Linda Collins
38N/ACH Rebel Rouser Chevas Regalet CD JHDebbie Pedersen
37N/ACH Piper's Peppermint Patti CD CAN CDX VCLinda Kelly
36N/ACH Harann's TulipannAnne Denehy & Charles Spalding
35N/ADel's Super Joy JHRaymond J. Mealy
34N/ACH Firebrand's Constant CommentElizabeth Anderson
33N/ACH Dorratz Double Trouble UD MH VCDoris & Paul H. Ratzlaff
32N/ACH Lyons' Skipjack Of HarannWilliam Lyons & Joy Lyons
31N/AFox Meadow's GretchenLinda Kelly
30N/ADC Oakleaf's Screamin Demon VCMark & Jan Bouman
29N/ACH Fourwinds Scarlett O'Hagen JHDebra A. & Thomas A. Hagen
28N/ACH Russet Leather War CloudShawn & Rick Lapointe
27N/ADC Rebel Rouser EtH.F. & Betty Rozanek
26N/ACH Kizzy Of Ishis Fawnridge CDGene & Hazel Tisdail
25N/ABISS CH Argus's Cienna Sunset CDXPeggy S. Davis
24N/ADC/AFC Riverbend Deacon's Dandy CDKathryn G. Pullen
23N/ACH Oakleaf's Claim To Fame SHDebra A. & Thomas A. Hagen
22N/ACH Dorratz-Cariad Tiara's Jewel CDDoris & Paul H. Ratzlaff
21N/ACH Oakleaf's Dandy Dalton SHJanet A. Simer
20N/ACH Karams Rebel Rouser MeredyBetty & H.F. Rozanek
19N/ACH Boelte's Bronze Brea SH FDPat & John Boelte
17N/ACH Boelte's Bronze Beauty JH FDPat & John Boelte
16N/ACH Boelte's Brant Of PenleePat & John Boelte
15N/ACH Caveat's In The Pink CD SHLuellen Hart & Diana J. Ball
14N/ACharlotte Starr JHCharles R. Schultheis
13N/ACH Popple Dungeon Paul Revere SH VCFrancis & Patricia Carnes
12N/ACH Miska Leany Voros VadaszEvelyn M. Hilbert
11N/ACH Oakleaf's Whistlin Dixie CD SH VCLinda Kelly
10N/ACH Verity's Rufous Strand CC FDElizabeth Sherman & Joseph F. Mitchell
9N/ACH Ron's Sire Fredrico CD TDRosa Lee Phillips
8N/ACH Piper's Moonstruck Moppet UDKaren L. Coffee
7N/ACH Piper's Tijuana Red UDKaren L. Coffee
6N/ACH Coffee's Tijuana Gelse CD JHDiane Felicetta
5N/ADC AFC Camarily SandmanRobert & Marylee Sloane
4N/ACH Mary Mac's Rusty Babe UDMary V. Blank
3N/ACH Lyon's Brewster Of Harann UDJohn W. Lyons & Joy Lyons
2N/ACH Penlee's Cutter UDJ.W. Lyons & Joy Lyons
1N/ACH Nyircsaszari Slivovitz CD JHDr. Sylvia J. Kerr