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Vizsla Health Surveys

Dear Vizsla Owner—

The Vizsla Club of America Welfare Foundation (VCA WF) is excited to launch a series of online surveys that seek to improve our understanding of the Vizsla breed and our Vizsla-owner community in the United States. This multi-phase survey project is the first of its kind.

Phase 1 (January 2019) will estimate the number of pure-bred Vizslas currently living in the United States (USA) and obtain some basic information about Vizsla owners and their current dogs.

Surveys launched in subsequent phases of this project will dig deeper into understanding the physical and behavioral health of our Vizsla population. Results from these surveys will also inform VCA WF research funding decisions for the Vizsla community as a whole, going forward.

With this, we invite you to take this first survey: the VCA WF Vizsla Population Survey 2019.
Survey Link: https://vcawfhealthsurveys.vcaweb.org/s3/2019

We estimate that this survey will take you less than 10 minutes to complete. Please have only one member of your household complete the survey for all dogs currently living in your household. You are welcome (and encouraged!) to share this survey link with other Vizsla owners. If you are a breeder, please share this survey link with all your puppy owners.

Please know we are respectful of your privacy. All responses will be kept secure and confidential. We will limit data access to a few VCA WF researchers and will (under no circumstances) try to identify owners or their dogs. Within the survey, we do ask that you provide us with an email address. This will also remain secure. We will only use this email address to share survey results and send invitations for future surveys. It is our hope that this project will foster greater collaboration and information-sharing within the Vizsla community.

If you have any questions or comments about the survey, please feel free to contact us at: vcawf.survey@gmail.com

Enjoy! We thank you for your participation in advance.

Krista Schroeder PhD MHS
VCA Public Health Coordinator
Elise Wright
VCA WF President