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The Frank Lacko Memorial Cancer Research Fund

Frank Lacko, a long time Vizsla Club of America member, passed away after a valiant battle with pancreatic cancer. Frank was a well-known and well-regarded sportsman, who raised many champion and field titled Vizslas, handling them in the show and field. Frank and his wife, Martha, have owned, bred, shown and supported the Vizsla breed for thirty-one years as Toldin Vizslas, in both the US and in Canada.

Because of his dedication to the breed, Frank and his family asked the Vizsla Club of America Welfare Foundation (VCA WF) to create and manage the Frank Lacko Memorial Cancer Research Fund for directed donations. This fund will be used to support research to find the causes and cures of the various forms of cancer that affect our beloved breed.

The Welfare Foundation is honored to manage this fund in Frank’s memory and takes the responsibility of selecting appropriate research grants very seriously. It is possible that, one day, cancer research in dogs may lead to a cure for human cancers as well.

In advance, we so appreciate your donations on Frank’s behalf. If you prefer to give by mail, please make your check out to the "VCA Welfare Foundation” and write “Frank Lacko Memorial Cancer Research Fund” in the memo line on your check. Then, please send to:

Carol Keller
Interim Treasurer
379 Costa Mesa St
Costa Mesa, CA 92627

Or, if you prefer, you may give online here via PayPal:

When prompted, please write in “The Lacko Fund” in the “Add Special Instructions to the Seller” box.