What’s in Your Dog First Aid Kit?

A feature from the July – September 2023 issue of The Vizsla News. This article was provided by the VCA Welfare Foundation.

With hunting season upon us, it’s good to be prepared for the unexpected. We have multiple first aid kits in our household—one for the backpack, one for the car and one for the house. Fall is a good time to replenish your supplies. We put together this useful guide so you can check the box and make sure you’re covered. These kits are no substitute for proper veterinary care. Rather, these kits are intended to buy time until you can get to your vet or critical care clinic. Always remember to check your dogs before you put them in the car to return home.

Mini- First Aid Kit—for the backpack

2” Vet wrap
Gauze rolls & gauze pads (4”)
Cotton balls (to stop bleeding)
1” Adhesive tape
Iodine wipes
EMT gel
Sterile eye wash (eg., saline solution)
Needle nose pliers or stainless steel forceps Soft muzzle
Tongue depressors
Tourniquet (do not use for a snakebite)
Clot-it powder—to stop bleeding
Disposable gloves
Benadryl for allergic reactions (**Xylitol-free**) Magnifying glass
Small flashlight
Bottled water and collapsible bowl

First Aid Kit—for the car

Same as backpack plus:
Betadine Cleanser (good for cleaning wounds)
Hydrogen peroxide (as an emetic)
Digital Thermometer
Sterile Lubricant (water-based)
Antibiotic ointment
Saran wrap (acts as a splint)
Towels or a blanket—in case you need to transport a dog or keep it warm
Clean white tee-shirt for wrapping a large wound
Bone broth (without onions or garlic) for electrolyte replacement
Instant cold pack or heat pack (depending on weather/location)
Emergency paperwork (vax records, including rabies certificate)

First Aid Kit– for the home

Same as above plus:
Colloidal Silver and manuka honey for wound healing
Staple gun (if your vet approves)
Elizabethan collar
Epsom salts
First Aid book for reference (see AKC handbook below)

Useful reference sources

ASPCA Poison Control — (888) 426-4435

National Snakebite Support on Facebook
**this is best resource for venomous snake bites we’ve found** facebook.com/groups/national.snakebite.support

Emergency First Aid guides
AKC Emergency First Aid: https://images.akc.org/pdf/ebook/Pet_First_Aid.pdf

Best first aid practices in a series of instructional videos

Pre-Made kits for purchase
MyMedic.com GunDogSupply.com Elitek9.com

FMI: vcawf2000@gmail.com